About 4 months ago I lowered my prices hoping to increase my sales — but it didn’t work.  My sales, both in dollars and number of books sold,  actually fell.  I have never enjoyed raising prices, but this gave me no choice.  Please note that these are not actual priceContinue Reading


I had a question from a reader last week if Amazon allowed package inserts.  My answer was “technically no, but its something Amazon has rarely enforced.”  Well, that has changed.  This week, Amazon clarified their insert policy.  When I saw this, I called a friend who works in upper managementContinue Reading


Here is what Amazon says about the outlet program: You can proactively optimize your excess FBA inventory by taking advantage of the Amazon Outlet program to create Outlet deals. Outlet deals are Amazon-featured limited-time promotional offers displayed on the Amazon Outlet page. Featuring products via Amazon Outlet can help youContinue Reading

Holiday Season

I rarely do Amazon advertising during the year, as the Return on investment (ROI) almost never works for me.  The one exception is the Christmas selling when advertising really performs Advertising with sponsored ads can help you do what’s important to you, during the holidays. Here is Amazon’s advice: CreateContinue Reading

How to be Successfully Self-employed

If you are selling on eBay or Amazon – you may not realize it, but you are self-employed. You may also have a job that pays you a salary, which means you are part-time self-employed. If this is your situation, or if your online business is your only venture, whatContinue Reading

Pro-Seller Talk has a long reputation (not as long as mine) for quality online training.  Until now, you had to pay to join their platform to access their many online training modules, webinars and well known speakers  (mostly delivered by YouTube). But today, they made their YouTube content completely FREE. Continue Reading

Holiday Online Shopping

Holiday sales are now in full swing, so if you have any inventory to send to FBA – SEND IT TODAY ! Amazon’s absolute cutoff to guarantee Christmas eve shipment is November 6th. NOTE That does not mean it needs to arrive that day.  Remember, it takes Amazon several daysContinue Reading