Amazon is now Offering FBA sellers their product image photo services. An Amazon announcement today says that Amazon will now start offering FBA sellers the same photo services used by Amazon themselves. The offer only applies to sellers with inventory in FBA. Here is the announcement from Amazon: Hello fromContinue Reading

I get a lot of general knowledge questions in email from my readers.  It has occurred to me that if one reader has a question, then others may be needing the same information.  So, going forward when I get a question that I think may have broad interest I willContinue Reading

Learning digital photography is both fun and interesting.And if you are going to sell on eBay, Amazon or from a website, then you really need to learn how to take great photos. As someone who was a film camera buff for years, I was late to digital photography.  But, onceContinue Reading

The Amazon Affiliate Program has really been in the news this week.  Its so funny. Next week I am speaking at the Amazon Sellers conference in Seattle on the topic of the Amazon Affiliate Program and this week Amazon was forced to dump 25,000 California affiliates by the State ofContinue Reading