Five Tips to Sell Used Books on eBay & Amazon

Over the past few years, my book: Sell Used Books on eBay, and the Internet for Profit, has been one of my top selling books. Of all my books, people must like it because, although it comes with a 90-day, money back guarantee, yet has the lowest return rateContinue Reading

I get emails all the time from sellers who have been screwed by eBay –or by a customer, and eBay will do nothing to help. Well, recently, eBay got a taste of their own medicine to the tune of over $300,000. It seems that a buyer discovered a glitch orContinue Reading

This from Ina Steiner’s  eCommercebytes blog – Click the link at the end to get the full story: A Wall Street analyst sees more stagnant growth ahead for eBay. CNBC reports that Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak downgraded the stock over concerns of low growth in the coming year. ButContinue Reading

Changes will include another re-design of Seller Hub, and eBay will soon start displaying off-eBay “web-based” prices of products (low, mid, high), and it will display prices for the top 5 comparable products on eBay (taking into account sellers’ policies). The new program called Multiple Top Pick (MTP) is launchingContinue Reading

If you want to know why I really gave up on eBay –this letter from an anonymous seller is one of the best explanations you will find. The only thing I can add is that e Bay used to be a “community.”  When management made the decision to do awayContinue Reading

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Even with the rate increases, I find I can save quite a bit of money shipping by mail instead of UPS or FedEx. I am running this special offer again because just renewed their offer for my readers. Simplify Your USPS Shipping with Get almost 39% discounted ratesContinue Reading

This round of updates is not too bad – in fact there are some really good things for all sellers, but most of the updates only benefit Top Rated Sellers and a couple of things hurt the little guy and those who sell used goods.  But lets take a lookContinue Reading

I received an email today from Michael Jones, VP of Merchant Development at eBay.  In the email he announced that eBay will delay implementation of the 90% Tracking policy for another month.  Here is what the email said: Since we announced updates to the eBay Top-rated seller criteria in February,Continue Reading

Ina Steiner reported in the Auctionbytes Blog this week that eBay’s top execs earned $40.4 million in compensation in 2010 including $12.4 million that CEO John Donahoe earned in salary, incentives, bonuses, stock options and other perks. The announcement came on the heels of eBay’s Spring Release that raised feesContinue Reading