We sell gourmet food items in highly niche markets online –and it is one of our best-selling and profitable categories.  Here is how we go about it . . .

Moritz Bauer at Smart-Minded.com  just put together an excellent Info graphic on the subject.  It is short & sweet, yet packed with good information.  In addition to the infographic, there are excellent posts on the page full of interesting statistics about Amazon. Here is the link: https://www.smart-minded.com/en/business/how-to-find-products-to-sell-on-amazon-what-s-fba-private-labeling/ Note – IContinue Reading

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This is a guest post by Lidia Hovhan from OmnicoreAgency.com who are data-driven marketing professionals. You are right in choosing Amazon to sell your products at. It is the top ecommerce platform in the world. But with the thousands of online sellers using Amazon’s selling platform, how can you keepContinue Reading


I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but several years ago, Amazon created a system to hide customer email addresses and created an anonymous Amazon-generated email.  Using this email is the only way you can contact a buyer (or other Amazon member) via email. Well, now Amazon is doing theContinue Reading


eBay recently announced a new policy on drop shipping  And, like many eBay announcements, it caused more confusion than clarity. Here is a link to a great article that covers most of the details you need to know if you plan to drop ship on eBay.  It is probably theContinue Reading

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You get up to 40% discounts on Priority Mail Import orders directly from eBay, Amazon and more Save up to 40% on Package Insurance Stealth postage hides the postage amounts on your shipments Ship Worldwide with First Class International mail Be sure and hit the Special Offer Button for theContinue Reading

Starting March 18, 2019, for a limited time, Amazon will waive monthly inventory storage and removal fees for qualifying sellers who launch new-to-Amazon ASINs in eligible categories through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). To learn the details and find out if you qualify, visit Monthly storage and removal fee promotion forContinue Reading