Recommended Products to Help you Make Money on Amazon and Online

I am always asked about various money-making programs. There are hundreds of products and programs being promoted on eBay and the internet. Some of them work –but most don’t. Many of them are even outright scams. Believe me, I know. I have bought so many products and I have been disappointed too many times.

Below is a short review of products that I endorse and recommend.

I believe in full disclosure. Many of these products pay me an affiliate commission if you buy them through my link. However, I am very careful about the products I recommend. If I am recommending a product that means I have used it, or in the case of a few products if I have not used it, I have carefully reviewed it and I usually know the people behind it.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. There is nothing wrong with earning affiliate commissions for recommending products as long as the products you are recommending deliver what they promise. so if you go into affiliate marketing, take the time to find good products that you can stand behind. That is what I have attempted to do here.

If you ever purchase one of these products and have a problem with it, or with getting a refund, please let me know.

Finally –a word of caution: Be careful about buying too many programs, or trying too many things at once. Success on Amazon is best achieved by focusing your efforts on one thing at a time.

Increasing Your eBay Income

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay by Jim Cockrum is one of the best-selling eBooks about eBay. It details simple ways to generate extra income from your eBay auctions.

Jim has just released the updated 8th edition to this best selling book.

I own this book and have used Jim’s methods.

Another very successful program by Jim Cockrum is his Offline Biz Program that shows you how to make money helping other folks get an online presence.

Product Reviews by Skip McGrath
used by Skip McGrath every day

Drop Shipping for Profits

If you have been around eBay and the internet for very long you have come across the dozens of drop shipping programs that claim you can make thousands of dollars selling products on eBay or from a pre-made web site. Most of these are pure scams.

You can make money drop shipping on eBay and the internet — I do it every day.  The secret is to cut out the middleman and work directly with manufacturers or master distributors.

You cannot make money with the various general drop shipping companies.  The simple truth is that they are all middlemen who buy from the same sources you can. Their prices are just too high to sell on eBay.

My friend Chris Malta, who is the Product Sourcing editor for eBay Radio, offers a program called Worldwide Brands. For a one-time fee, Chris gives you a directory of actual manufacturers and true master distributors who have all been contacted in advance and have agreed to drop ship for eBay and small internet sellers.

Chris also offers a complete program that includes a light bulk (small order size) wholesale directory, a master directory and a research wizard to find how much products are selling on the internet for before you buy them.

This link takes you to a page where my readers can save $20 on his program. This is the order page, so click on the link to the video to understand the program and then go back to this special page to order.

Selling Used Books

One of my best-selling books of all time has been and continues to be, How to Sell Used Books on Amazon and eBay. Peter Valley has written several books about Amazon but his latest one is a great companion to my book. His latest book is all about sourcing books for low cost or even for free: I know a lot about sourcing books, but Peter’s book, Book Sourcing Secrets taught me several things I didn’t know and really opened my eyes to new ways to source. Book Sourcing Secrets is a highly complete and is undoubtedly the largest and most in-depth guide to sourcing used books cheaply to sell for huge profits on eBay and/or Amazon.

Liquidation Products

Buying and selling liquidation products is a great way to earn large profits as you can buy some of these items at prices as low as 20% of the normal wholesale price. But the problem is this market is fraught with perils and unscrupulous operators.

The Liquidator’s Guide by Robert Cyr is an excellent resource and includes his Black Book of industry suppliers and direct sources. So if that marketplace interests you, check out The Liquidator’s Guide.

Direct Importing For Profits

I started importing directly about two years ago and now these are some of my most profitable products. Importing is not as difficult as it sounds, but if you need help Import Veteran can teach you everything you need to know.

You Will Learn Simple Techniques That No Other Import Course Teaches You – Quickly, Safely, and Profitably…! Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Do you need help creating eBay and/or Amazon listings? Or how about help with creating copy of blog posts. I use a company in the Philippines called 2nd Office.

Many of their workers are graduates of US Universities. They do very good work and the fees are far less than you would pay in the US or Canada.

eBay and Amazon Listing and Inventory Tool

For the past 9 years I have been using a company called Vendio to create my eBay and Amazon listings, host my images and manage my inventory.

Recently they added a new service whereby you can list your items on both eBay and Amazon and when an item sells Vendio will handle the fulfillment for you –all automatically – even when you sleep.

Setting Up a Corporation or LLC

There are tons of advantages to using a corporation or LLC to run your online business. And its quick and easy and fairly cheap to set one up.

I used to recommend a service called Legal Zoom, but I had complaints from my readers about slow service and poor support, so I switched to My

Since making the switch I have set up two corporations and even used them to register a trademark on a private label product and everything went very smooth, fast and the support was excellent.