Testimonials – Here’s What People Say about My Products and Services


(August 10, 2017)

Skip, just got your latest newsletter and can’t believe how good your stuff is. I found you almost a year ago – and you have a fan for life!

Terry H., San Diego, CA

(May 7, 2017)

We bought you Complete Amazon Marketing System last year, which included your wholesale sourcing information. We still use your wholesale sourcing info almost every week. Just since last year we have found 14 wholesale sources we work with to source over 100 products. We decided to get into selling candles. I was blown away when I went to my wholesale members site – you had over 40 suppliers of candles and we had no trouble finding 2 of them to work with.

Sally & Jeff J., Peekskill, NY

(April 19, 2016)

Skip – I have followed you for several years. I can’t believe your website has so many free things and that your newsletter is free. Karen and I would easily pay for it.

Kenny & Karen J, St. Louis, Mo

(November 2014)

Until now, I have never written a review, beyond eBay feedback, in my life. However, I must extend you the same respect, and integrity that I received after purchasing your book, The Complete Amazon Marketing System.

I made a mistake, as many others did, by purchasing two books with overlapping material. I not only received an email, but also a phone call, which I missed, and subsequently heard a very pleasant and friendly voice mail from Karen explaining my mistake, and my options.

These days, especially with the anonymity if the internet, one rarely experiences the honesty and courtesies I received. Through your customer service, and your courses (I’ve now bought 4 of your books) you’ve inadvertently injected a vital dose of optimism and positivity in to my life. Optimism through the crucial knowledge contained in the books, but better is the blast of positivity felt through the wonderful human beings generating the content. Sir, it shows through your writing, that you love this profession, and with decency, respect, and kick ass customer service, you’re living your dream. I’m eternally grateful to have found you guys. Cheers!

Thank You! Respectfully, humbly, and gratefully a patron, and student of Karen and Skip McGrath.

Sincerely, Abraham O. – Windham. New Hampshire

(September 2014)

I learned more from reading The Complete Amazon Marketing System than I did the entire time I have been following another course that charged about $2,000, plus monthly fees over $100. After spending 5 months following that course, I was actually looking at something else priced at $4000. I knew I was missing some basic keys to getting my business started. Thankfully, I stumbled across Skip McGrath. His course covers everything. I just wish I had discovered it first.

Save the money you would have spent on those expensive courses and buy Skip’s course and some inventory. You can have a successful business started with less money than you would have spent on your education.

Kathy B, Phoenix, AZ

(October, 2011)

I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have found you and your coaching course on eBay selling, etc. I had tried a few other home businesses which turned out to be more or less scams. I have purchased the Amazon Selling course also and will start on that as soon as I get my eBay business further along. I did reach Power Seller which I doubt I could have accomplished without all the help from you and your team.

Thank you so much, – Jerry CJ, Ferndale WA

(September 2011)

I just wanted to say THANK THANK THANK YOU!!! for writing such awesome books! I have followed your advice and I am on my way to become a PowerSeller. I cannot wait to purchase more of your books as I am sure I will learn more invaluable tips and tricks that can truly make a difference in my business.

(January 2011)

I have enjoyed all of our sessions and learned so very much. I am so glad I decided to do this coaching! It has taken me from “can I?” to “I can!”

Danalyn M, Pillow, Pa.

(September 2010)

After 25 years of marriage I found myself a single mom to a 10 year old little girl. I was working 50+ hours a week just to make ends meet. This allowed very little time for my daughter or anything else. My job truly consumed my entire life. That is until I discovered Skip McGrath & his eBay Marketing System. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to make a living working from home. Therefore, like many people I have fallen prey to several work at home schemes & scams over the years.

So I did a lot of research on Skip & his marketing system before I decided to purchase it. I found a lot of information on Skip, but as much as I tried I could not find anything negative. I knew very little about eBay, so I was a little hesitant. I had bought a few items over the years from eBay but had never sold anything on the website.

I purchased Skips complete eBay marketing system in February & by the end of June I made the decision to quit my job. The system is very detailed & easy to understand. It has step by step instructions on how to start & grow your business. I also decided to try Skip’s coaching program. You are also assigned an eBay coach who will work with you & answer any questions you might have. My business continues to grow month over month. Now, not only am I a full time mom making a living working from home, but I absolutely love what I am doing. My daughter & I are very thankful to Skip for giving my little girl her mom back & for giving me my life back.

Linda L., Bowling Green KY

(September 2010)

Re: How to Make Good Money Selling Used Books on eBay, Amazon and The Internet

Can I just tell you how much I am enjoying your book? It’s the best one I’ve ever seen. I’ve been selling books on Amazon for a couple of years, but just willy-nilly.

I love what you say about not selling fiction. I love “niche” books. For example, right now, I have a pristine copy of a hardback book – The Eastern Shore Baseball League by Wm. Mowbry. Also, a first edition of Russell Page’s The Education of a Gardener.

Thank you so much!
Tracey H. Bethesda Maryland

(August 2010)

When I said I was going to sell used books online people laughed at me but my husband kept encouraging me. Friends & family that were laughing aren’t laughing now. Your book was very easy to read. Having the will and determination and knowing how to ignore the negative makes me more determine to be successful.

I am not yet where I would like to be, but I am further at this point than I every imagined. Those who want to read your book, I have told them where to buy it. What is the saying? He who laughs last… I just can’t remember the whole saying, but I am laughing and smiling and enjoying.

Thanks Again,
Margo D. Lithonia, GA

(May 2010)

Thank you so much for sending me the 2010 update to your eBay Marketing Guide. I would have gladly paid for this, but once again you have shown yourself to be a true “class act” who really cares about teaching and helping others to succeed and not just about looking for every opportunity to make another dollar off of his readers.

I became an eBay PowerSeller shortly after reading your eBay course. And I can honestly say that I owe you no small thanks for that. I also purchased your Guide to Online Consignment Selling and am now a Trading Assistant on eBay.

Thanks so much for really “teaching” and not just selling. Keep up the great work.

Jimmy Moses

(February 2010)

I’m just writing to thank you and say that I’ve been very impressed with your free advice and products so far!

I downloaded your free webinar recently on eBay listing tips. I followed your advice, and I’ve got an auction in progress right now that had already received several bids within its first hour of being listed.

I’m sure you get a lot of these, but I just wanted to thank you again for being the real deal and a huge help in my success with eBay.  Thanks Skip!

Elizabeth S. ~ Clawson, Mich.

(August 2009)

Subject Line: eBay Consignment Success!

Hi Skip,

I am sure you get a million emails but wanted to contact you nonetheless to say a big THANKS.

They say there is no such thing as an original idea so when I thought selling on eBay for others would be a great idea I had never heard of Trading Assistants, Auction Drop Off Shops or anything like it!

This idea has not really caught on over here in the UK so I have been very pleased at the early results I’ve been getting.

After one month this is where we are: 2000 leaflets distributed – and going strong; Cards in every local shop I could find that would take them; Ad going in local magazine in September; Website built.

I have had loads of enquires and have client visits booked every night this week and am looking to clear around £2000 for the first month not too bad

I’ve also got my first full estate sale to arrange this weekend so that’ll be interesting

Lastly your tip about buying at local auctions then selling on eBay is Gold dust. Have had lots of success with Beswick Pottery and an amazing result with some ABBA memorabilia Bought for £82 locally. The 2 last items I sold from this lot went for £60 and £280 respectively with lots of lots still left in the box

eBay Consigning is alive and thriving in the UK. Many thanks for your book once again

Dave Pride, United Kingdom

(June 2009)

I just wanted to thank you for your help this morning and answering the questions I had in regard to getting set up with eBay. I have spent some time looking through all of the materials and bonuses that I have received on-line so far and all I can say is that the free bonuses you offer are worth far more than the cost of the books!

When I spend money on-line and otherwise, I like knowing that there are actual people I can contact who are genuinely interested in taking care of their customers. If I sense that is not the case, I do not hesitate to shop elsewhere. I called a couple of years ago and spoke with Skip about another product I was interested in at the time and recall being just as impressed as I was today.

I just wanted to thank the two of you again for the service and the products you offer. Anyone interested in going into business for themselves using eBay or anything else would be foolish not to use your products and services as a reference. When I come across anyone who may have the same type of questions as I do and is looking to get started selling on-line, I will happily point them in your direction!

I wish you all the best and great success in the future!


(March 2009)

Lissa H from Worcester MA is working one of the niches in our Ten Niche Book. Here is what she says about it, “We are now collecting the vintage electronics/ cameras from our congregation and are hitting the mother lode. No one has ever asked our church members for these things before. We have already in hand a SRL Camera + accessories that looks like it will go for $500, two turntables, binoculars, and people dug up antique toys worth between $500 and $800 each.. We have just begun! Yea. Thanks again.”

Lisa H, Worcester, MA

(January 2009)

Skip, I just HAVE to write to let you know how much help your books and newsletters have been. I purchased your Auction Seller’s Resource, the Complete eBay Marketing System probably 8 – 12 months ago. I read it through and dabbled a bit. Hmmmm… my auctions were pretty successful, so I read it again and tried more of your ideas.

Since then I’ve gone over it time and time again. We moved to another state in August and I was determined to make my auctions so successful that I wouldn’t have to get another J.O.B. Your training has made it possible for me to find wholesale sources, create successful auctions and start to bring in enough money that my husband doesn’t give me ,the look, any longer, he actually asks about the sales for the day. You and your information have made it possible for me to take the right steps to be successful for the long haul, and in return I’m able to be at home when my 2 kids get off the bus, I’m able to attend more school functions and I’m a much happier person being able to stay at home and do what I love to do.

Thank you for such a treasure trove of information, and, more importantly, for continuing to provide honest, common sense training. Each product or link you recommend I look at, and many I’ve purchased and each of those also help grow my business. Your marketing system is the basis of my business and I am very thankful that I found you and your site. God bless and keep those great products coming…. I want to work from the beach next!!

Kristin L, Avon OH

(January 2009)

I purchased Skip McGrath’s How to Sell Used Books on eBay, Amazon, and the Internet the same day I read about it in his newsletter, and read it cover to cover in one sitting. I was hooked.

I followed the plan precisely – got my state and city business licenses, purchased the scanner and PDA for pricing and purchased quality shipping materials. I started selling books from my own collection and my parents’ estate on Amazon, ebay and half.com with instant results. I make regular book scouting trips to area thrift stores and antique shops. I have joined several regional Friends of the Library and attend preview sales. And here is the great part — Amazon and half.com make deposits into my bank account twice a month!

I predict that within the year I will be making a consistent profit at this business, once I have recovered all my start-up costs. On more than one occasion, I have purchased books for less than one dollar and sold them for more than $75.00! I frequently sell 49 cent books for more than $10.00! I love books and have finally found work that coincides with a passion.

Thanks, Skip!!!

Robin G. – Goose Creek, South Carolina

(December 2008)

Skip – Just wanted to say that a year ago I picked up Three Weeks to eBay Profits because I thought selling on eBay would be fun. A few weeks ago I quit my real job to sell on eBay full-time. The freedom of being my own boss is wonderful and I love working my own hours… which seem to be more hours then when I worked at my real job. I love it though! It’s fun for me so I don’t mind. Funny how grabbing a book off the shelf on a whim can be a life changing decision. – Thanks again for a wonderful book!

John M from Beavercreek, OH

(August 2008)

Hey, I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I just got your Complete eBay Marketing System binder from UPS, WOW, there is so much information in it. I have been selling on eBay for just over a month now and I just had so many questions about eBay an what to do etc… I was so confused. Now I can see I will be running my business the right way. I am so happy I found your website, it is the only eBay education source I will ever need to use, and it is the only one I trust.

I can’t wait to get through the book and hopefully improve my strategies. Now I see why your book was more expensive than others, but I am a big believer in investing a little bit more and actually get something useful, not only that but with free time so short these days I need to make sure that I am reading something worth my time. If I ever have any of my friends ask me how to become a seller on eBay I will surly recommend your products to them. Thanks again Skip!

Kameron S. from Jupiter, FL

(March 2008)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the Complete eBay Marketing System! Your system arrived not only arrived in two days, but since applying some of your techniques, my eBay sales are already taking off.

As someone who does not have much capital to put into my new-found business, seeing my sales already growing, so I can reinvest it into my business, is fantastic. I’m literally starting my business grass-roots style and with your advice and training, I know I’ll be able to turn this into a full-time business in the future. Thank you again.

Eva Marie from Texas

(January 19, 2008)

I was aiming in the dark on eBay for awhile …which I guess is just how it goes sometimes…but now I am aim with my head every time. Your Three Weeks To eBay Profits book taught me what I needed to know to start my business right from the start. I also bought your “Titanium eBay” book at the same time as 3-weeks to eBay profits book because I was searching for the best resources I could find (I actually didn’t even know you where the publisher of both books when I first bought them, I found that out later…just a lucky coincidence).

Anyways the Three Weeks to eBay Profits methods got my biz off the ground in no time….but the Titanium eBay book was no joke! That’s when I really stepped it up. If you want to make it big on eBay, your going to need more than just an eBay bible, your gona’ need some real fire power.

Titanium eBay is more than a direct training manual for high-stakes eBay mastery…you could seriously use that book for just about any kind of merchandising business. You cover everything from dropshipping to large bulk imports step by step and what to watch out for. I feel like I have an MBA in eBay now…thank you for keeping it real and fulfilling. These 2 books alone are making me more money than any resources I have ever invested in, including school. Every single sentence in these books rings truth.

Take care,

David P from Kotzebue, Alaska

(November 27, 2007)

Hi Skip & Karen,

We want to sincerely thank you for how dramatically your Auctions Seller’s Resources have helped us build our new eBay business. We started on eBay in April of 2007 and were getting along okay but then in August 2007 we found you. While we had good wholesale sources, we had not found the supplier for the niche we wanted to capitalize on. Your “My Top 20 Wholesale Sources” provided us with the wholesale supplier we needed. From September 1st through November 26th, we did $16,000 in eBay sales from one of your sources with just two products on which we are earning an average 48.6% ROI after all associated costs.

Sales skyrocketed in the last 90 days from eBay seller to Bronze Power Seller in September to Silver Power Seller in October and are on the verge of completing our first month of Gold Power Seller sales volume.

As this is a quick rise we do want to point out to your readers that we had spent the 5 previous months working hard learning the fundamentals of the eBay business. There are no get rich quick businesses, or else we would all be rich! Your auction seller resources helped us refine what we had learned so far and when we found the wholesaler we needed from your “Top 20 Wholesale Sources“, we were ready to take advantage.

We purchased your books “How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business” and “Titanium eBay” when we found your resources. We have been busy with our recent sales growth yet studying and planning our implementation of these tools in 2008. We have had success in selling other people’s stuff and plan to take full advantage of your consignment blueprint in 2008. We are not after Titanium Power Seller status but the information will only improve our professional auction skills.

We are having a blast in this business, still very excited and will be using more of your experience and tools in the future.

Thank you again for what you do,

Mike & Teri

(Dated August 2007)

Hi Karen (shipping goddess) and/or Skip (eBay Guru),

I just wanted to let you know that I received the book. I know that I will enjoy it as much as I did Titanium eBay. I’m sure that everyone that emails you says they can’t wait to read the new book that they received, but I have to say it anyway… I can’t. Thanks for everything including the eBay pen. And thank you very much for the info regarding eBay radio and Skip’s interviews; I already started listening. I wish you the best of luck with everything and God bless you for sharing the info you do and not hogging it all for yourself. I really appreciate it and your sense of humor Karen. I will buy more when I’m done with this book.

Thank you,

Ed from Placentia, CA

(Dated June 2007)

Hi Skip,

I just wanted to let you know I received your binder this week and I LOVE IT!!!! I have gotten so much useful information from it already.

This book is amazing. I have been selling on eBay for about 2 months now and was looking for information on the selling opportunities. I searched and searched eBay for a informational resource and hadn’t found anything remotely realistic until I saw your ad.

Everything else was eBooks and get rich quick schemes. I knew those definitely sounded too good to be true! I was expecting to have some work to do and wanted to figure out how to create a store. I knew there were pros and cons to all of this, but I needed someone to tell me about them because I am really new. This book is great because it doesn’t create unrealistic expectations.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I invested in your book. I also am waiting for your consignment book to arrive. I’ve started spreading the word that I will be doing consignment sales and I have so many people interested, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up:)

Thanks again,

Cheryl from Pennsylvania

(Dated May 2007)

I purchased your book, 3 Weeks to eBay Profits, about a week ago at Barnes and Noble. I have been devouring it, because my husband and I are starting our own business. I also just purchased your Wholesale Buying System. I think your advice is excellent. I am really excited. I am utterly amazed at how easy it has been to get everything set up so far, and to locate ‘niche’ products. I really appreciate all of your help and the fact that you are so honest and share your information with everyone else.

Trudy from GA

(Dated May 2007)

In your 10 niches you had Vintage electronics. That is what I chose to specialize in. Since about the beginning of March until now I have purchased about 4,600 dollars worth of electronics and I have made about 6,100 dollars in profit after eBay and PayPal fees. I have connected with a man that has a huge electronics collection and he is selling me everything at wholesale prices. We still have a lot to go through! Because of this I qualified as a Bronze Powerseller and should become a Silver Powerseller this coming month. All of this using the exact ad you suggested, advertising in Craiglist.org and the newspaper. Thanks so much Skip, and thank your wife for me too.

Tristan Smith

Thank you for the discount. You didn’t have to do that because I was not aware I had a coupon. That says
more about your integrity and customer service than a thousand emails. Hope to meet you some day at eBay Live.  And you may use this as a testimonial if you wish. You’re on my “good guys” list.

Pt. Townsend, WA,
(after he accidentally overpaid)

(Dated December 2006)

Hi Skip.

We purchased “Ten Little Known eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do” yesterday. Another awesome resource! It really primed our pump and gave us a load of new ideas – even more than you actually give in the e-book. We’d previously bought Titanium eBay and a couple of other products. Just wanted to say THANKS! You always over-deliver; it’s great value. Mostly we appreciate how your business is a “no-spin” zone!

Kind regards,

Phil & Alli Morgan

(Dated December 2006)


I just wanted to say, “Thank you”. You see, I purchased ‘Three Weeks to eBay Profits‘ from my local Barnes & Noble and after reading and rereading the book, I am now on my way to a thriving eBay business. I have a store and I hooked up with Endicia and EZLister. Items are beginning to sell…and I am having a blast!


Larry Maki (greenlarry100)
Finsk Trading

Hi Skip-

Recently I purchased your manual “The Complete eBay Marking System“. It was so informative, that I went and purchased your book “How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business”. I am so happy that I did. Like the first book, it was very helpful.

I have been selling items for friends and family, and I have really enjoyed it. So much in fact, I wanted to step it up a notch and take the next step of becoming official. So, I purchased your book. I have to say that it was exactly what I needed. Not only did you help me get set up, but by providing example paperwork and other resources I was able to get up and running in no time. I completed my first transaction, with a consignor, without any difficulty (and I made a lot of money!!!)

Thank You Skip, for making eBay and eBay Consignment so easy to understand.


Jennifer Roettger
The Auction Life

(Dated: 22 July 06)

Hey Skip,

Just wanted to say that I love the book. Very informative. My next purchase is your book about ebooks. I have been waiting and waiting to put an ebook out, but can never find a total package that will show me how. Anyway, thanks for all of the great info. It has helped me tremendously.


(Dated: 17 July 06)

Hi Skip:

I have been ebaying for 8 years! I bought your book last week and read it at every free moment! You have so many GREAT ideas. I have 3 kids (ranging from 16 to 3 yrs.), and was only doing this for fun. Last year I hit powerseller silver level… THEN it hit me… you really can do this for a living. It is so much fun. I have checked out all of the websites you had, your website and your links… Thank you SO much for the tips and the bits of information that has taken me over 8 years to get 2 steps away from …. that was right there in your book! I have recommended the book to another seller friend, and am giving one to my dad for his birthday!

I just got an email tip, from one of your sources, about the sellers voice. I listened to the your spiel along with others, and since you keep referring to these fire pits, I had to look them up.

Of course, I HAD to send a link to my ebayer friends, and my dad!!

Thanks again & again!!


Skip & Karen,

I ordered the Complete eBay Marketing System late Thurs 3/16 receiving it via UPS Fri 3/17 afternoon — thank you for the ULTRA FAST delivery! I haven’t put it down!

I took the day off Fri to catch-up with much needed spring-time yard work, but felt compelled to go thru all your on-line material, affiliate web sites, etc —- my day was spent on your various sites & trading partners sites. I’m on the computer all day at work but never touch it at home, so my 14 hr marathon came as a huge surprise — what a BLAST!

The info you supply both on-line & in written form is COMPLETE —- PERIOD!

Thank you for your generous approach to doing business & I wish you continued success.

Mike in Overland park, KS


(Dated: 14 August 05)

Hi Skip!

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product. The Complete eBay Marketing System is well worth the money… and thank you for not making it so high that no one can afford it! The wholesale information may be the best I have seen!! You are one of the very few I trust in this business. Again thank you. Great Product!

David in Peoria, IL

(August 2005)

Dear Skip & Karen,

I received my manual and CD’s on “How To Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business,” and sat down and read them straight through!  I made notes on what I was doing wrong, then I revised every auction I had running and reposted them using the new methods I had learned from you.  Two things I changed immediately were in the way I scheduled them to close (for the market I was selling to), and the category for each listing (the collectors I needed weren’t even seeing my items!).  I also followed Skip’s guidelines and rewrote each and every auction.

Skip makes it all so easy, even for a retired 70-year old guy like me!  Right away I went from less than HALF of my auctions closing successfully to over 75% closing profitably.  My average sale jumped from less than $50 to over $75 a sale, for the exact same items I’d been auctioning for weeks!  I did over $2000 last month selling small stuff, and that was only my third month on eBay!  Using what I learned in your Consignment Manual I began calling on local businessmen and now I have items that retail for $2500 that I’m selling for a man that doesn’t have time to do it.

For years I’ve collected rocks, minerals and old bottles from the 1800’s.  I wanted to convert them to cash, so I started on eBay in 1999, but it didn’t work out for me. Got back on eBay a few months ago (April 2005), mainly to sell my bottles.  I can’t believe how many bottles and other collectibles I literally gave away, just because I didn’t know the things you teach in your course.  After learning Skip’s techniques, I listed a “nothing special” 30-year old baggage check at .99 cents, and the bidding went up to $51!

I originally didn’t sell except to the U.S., but I learned from Skip’s book how to do international sales and shipping, and how easy and safe it was.  I was scared of getting taken, or of losing my shirt in shipping costs.  Making this one change IMMEDIATELY increased how many bids I got AND the dollar amounts!!

Now I’m focused on doing consignments.  Seems like everyone I meet has something they’d like to sell on eBay but can’t, or don’t have the time.  I’ve taken Skip’s advice and started turning down low-end items for consignments.  I only take high-end items ($300 or more), and I DON’T sell anything I don’t have my hand on.

In just a few month’s time I’m making almost $1000 clear a month, and I know I’m just playing with it.  I know could do a whole lot more but I am a 70-year-old disabled veteran of 24 years service, and I like to do some other things with my wife, Polly.  Still, I have to say, making money is the best fun!  Skip’s material proved to this 70-year old eBayer the old adage is still true, “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!!”


Freddie M. Borden

Skip and Karen,

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. The eBay Marketing System is AWESOME. It is answering so many of my questions and concerns. It is everything it was advertised to be…..Very impressive.

Fabulous job articulating your experiences in an simplistic manner.


Wendy, Sacramento


( August 2005)

Dear Skip and Karen–

I got started on eBay back in 1999 to sell my stuffed animal collection.  I had retired with disability as a Drill Instructor with the Air Force, and over the years my collection had grown to over 300 “pets!” My husband said enough is enough!  It tickled me no end when my first one sold for a lot more than I ever imagined! I was hooked!

I learned eBay the hard way, plowing thru eBay’s endless pages of help.  I wish I’d found you sooner!  I could have saved a ton of money on worthless ebooks that had nothing more than rehashed information that eBay gave me for free!   But I kept listing and learning, and my friends and family started calling me the “eBay Queen,” and asking me sell stuff for them. I figured, Why not?  I never took any real action on it, because I was a little preoccupied in getting a second Bachelor’s Degree at the time!

One day I was Googling for some information and came across your “Auction Sellers Resource.”  I couldn’t believe all the incredible resources on your site!  I figured if you GAVE me THAT much information on your site, your courses had to be awesome!  I bought your Consignment book on the spot (I LOVE the fact that you actually still print REAL BOOKS, full of real, meaty information)!  When I got it, I read it cover to cover… it was an incredibly easy read compared to most textbooks, and had a LOT more good tips and techniques than anything I’d read about selling on eBay, even what’s on the eBay site itself!

After reading “How to Start an eBay Consignment Business,” I decided to take action and finally become an eBay Trading Assistant, so I could handle items for other people.  Almost as soon as I was listed, I got my very first customer.  He was an elderly widower whose wife had been a church organist.  He still had her Hammond Organ, even though she had been dead for several years.  His son suggested he sell it on eBay, and gave him my contact information off of eBay.

It was the biggest item I’d ever sold!  I used your recommendations and the sources in your book to figure out the right price for it.  I originally listed it for sale in the local area only, because I figured the shipping would be way too expensive.  But a pastor in Indiana wanted it so badly, he paid $600 to have it shipped to him, on top of the full asking price!  My consignment customer was so happy he paid me double my fee, and I was so happy I copied and framed the check!

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m ramping up my auctions.  I don’t want some job that bores me to tears, just to make money.  Since I’ve been using what you taught me, I figure I’ll be able to replace my husband’s income over the next year, and we can continue to build our eBay business together, wherever we want to be.

I can’t stress enough how great your course is, and how much of a difference it’s made in our lives and in my eBay business.  Thanks to you, I’m making what I want, doing what want, and going where I want to go.

Skip, you are fantastic!

Donna Austin
“spellingjenious” on eBay

(July 19, 2005)

Dear Skip and Karen

I started selling on eBay in 2001, when my company started cutting back on hours and money started getting tight.  First, I did the garage sale thing.  Practically gave stuff away.  I GAVE away my husbands troll collection for $.25 apiece.  One guy came back for more… turns out he sold on eBay.

When I looked on eBay he was SELLING my husband’s trolls for a $100 or more!  I felt sick!  So I started selling my stuff online, too.   First I sold garage sale junk, later I did estate sales.  Back then it was real easy to sell anything on eBay.  I would list, it would sell — no problem.

After 9/11 everything changed. Items were selling for nothing and I was spending a fortune on fees relisting over and over.  I was working an incredible number of hours full-time, and did eBay around time with my 4 small children, and the profit was just gone.  It was becoming an expensive hobby that was putting me deeper and deeper in debt.

So I began searching for a way to turn things around. I spent a small fortune on

books, programs, and ebooks.  Some helped a little but most were way too basic.  A lot of the eBooks I found were full of old or even bad information.  Skip’s material works!

I was literally at the end of my rope and ready to have a yard sale to just clear out my stock, when a friend told me about you and your courses. I purchased “The Complete eBay Marketing System” and it arrived a lot faster than I expected.  I was so down about my eBay business, I felt like it was a bottomless hole sucking away my money and my time.  I procrastinated about even cracking it open.

When I finally started reading it I got a little sidetracked by your incredible

Auction Sellers Resource website. 🙂  You have the most complete, most thorough information imaginable on your site, and even more in your courses!

To make a long story short, I changed a few little things in my auction listings and what a difference!  A huge difference!  One item I had relisted 6 times over 6 months, each time for $.99.  Not a single bid.  Using just a few of Skip’s techniques I finally SOLD it, and not only that, I sold it for MORE than other listings for the same thing, on the same page!

I was blown away!  For the first time in a long, long while I began to feel hopeful and excited again! I decided to buckle down and get serious about reading your course, and using everything I can in my business.  You got me to start thinking about my business as business….DUH!  I never did before, even though I’m a consultant myself!  I found out I was putting in too much detail, and not using the right words to get people to buy.

I am still only in Section I and I am amazed at the difference I am seeing in my auctions! I can’t wait to learn and use the ideas in the rest of your course to improve my auctions and my profits!

Skip, you have once again given me real hope that this business is workable, and I can attain my goal of being able to support my family from my little corner of eBay. I cannot even express how important it is for me to make my eBay business really work. I have 4 small children and I must be able to support them!  My husband and I both work in a high paying but high stress engineering jobs. With all the stress and layoffs and cutbacks, all I want is for Larry and I to get out and enjoy life with him and our wonderful children.  I know I am finally going in the right direction.

One more thing.  I’m doing more and more consignments, especially for the elderly retirees in my area.  It makes me sick when I see what estate sale companies do to these people.  I can make real good money handling someone’s estate on consignment basis.  But I get an immense sense of gratification from knowing that I’m helping them keep a LOT more of their hard earned money, too!  Likewise, I help my church out with consignment sales to help them raise money… it sure beats what they get at a rummage sale!

The information you give in your courses and newsletters has been invaluable to my business!  I look forward to every new issue!  Plus, I would personally like to thank you for your quick responses to my questions. I know when I deal with you guys I’ll always be greeted with a smile and a great attitude! You guys are one of my favorite eBay sellers. I recommend you to everyone I talk to who is looking for a way to improve their eBay sales.

Making money is fun.  Not making money is the pits.  Thank you for making eBay “fun” for me again!  If it wasn’t for you, I would have quit a long time ago… thank you for all you have done for me and my family! Thank You!

Lori Ezzo

(24 June 05)

Your Consignment manual is awesome. I have had a consignment store for 3 years and have almost doubled my business by selling on eBay with your system. I am selling things in a week that used to sit in my shop for months.

Tilden M. of Detroit, MI

(June 05)

Love your newsletter. We signed up for the drop ship source directory and found three manufacturers of garden items who will drop ship for me on the first day. We sold 17 items at a really nice profit our very first week of listing them.

Warm regards,
Dell & Marion in Wyoming


I love your free articles. I printed everyone of them out and put in a 3-ring notebook and refer to them all the time. I have made so much money with your stuff.

Addison from Naples, FL

(May 2005)

Skip and Karen:

Thanks so much for all your help –it’s nice to know you are not a big impersonal company. You actually answer the phone and return emails. I have both of your manuals, the consignment book and the complete eBay system and use them all the time. David and I just hit silver power seller and we are closing in on Gold just six months after getting the complete eBay system.

CeCe and David, Oakland, CA

(16 May 05)

Skip and Karen,

Hi, I am just thrilled with the book I bought from you. ( How to start & run an eBay consignment business). I wanted to share some of the ways it has changed my life in just a few short weeks.

I went to a trade show this weekend and found wholesale sources to buy products  I have a to-do list on my cork board to keep me on track and motivated  I have your book right next to my computer for reference  I have found so much good information in the book.

Thank you for printing this book. It has helped me focus. (I decided to go the route of using wholesale sources for most of my goods, rather than 100% consignment. As a stay at home Mother it is better if I don’t deal with driving all over to get goods.)

One more thing: I printed all the newsletters archived and read them on the way to the trade show. Very good information. I like the new ‘musing’ section.

Thank you again, I look forward to going to eBay live next year. We’ll see if I met all my goals by then! I aim to surpass them!

Ericka of Naples, FL

(March 2005)

Wanted to let you know that I made the Bronze level of Power Seller on eBay only 4 months after buying your fantastic manual, “How to start and run an eBay Consignment business.” Thanks for giving to me the “keys to the eBay kingdom!” Your manual is straight forward and great practical advice and down to earth do’s and dont’s to being successful on eBay.

Steve from Denver, CO

(January 2005)

Dear Skip,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how fantastic your material is. I have used your consignment book to hit my goal of $1,000.00 sales in December, 2004. On my way to becoming and eBay Power Seller, thanks to you! I highly recommend your material to anyone who is “serious” about their eBay business.

I have already sold $1,000.00 this month, January, with two weeks to go! I cannot express enough thanks for your valuable material which I bought from you. You two are remarkable eBayers. Keep up the great work you do on eBay!

Steve from Denver, CO

(September 2004)


We received the eBay Consignment book from you and we think it is great. We have been in the eBay consignment business for some time, you have some great ideas.

We recently severed ties with a franchise operation that doesn’t work and your material should prove to be a great asset as we go forward on our own.


Sid from Georgia

(September 2004)

Dear Mr. McGrath,

I received your manual on starting and running a consignment business on eBay a few days ago.  I promptly read through it and I must say that I was surprised and impressed.  The whole process of your auction was very thorough from the item description to the final product.  I have bought things on eBay before many times and when they arrive the items are either not as described or are not complete.  It reassures me that people are still out there who conduct business with integrity and are not only in business to make money but also to please the customer, especially on eBay where chasing the next marginal dollar and throwing sound business practices out the door is all too common.  I will say that there is a lot more to the consignment business than I originally thought, but it is interesting enough to look into.

Thank you,

Trey from Texas

(Aug 2004)

Hello Skip and Karen,

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I am with your book on the eBay consignment business. I received it a couple of hours ago and dove right in. I’m only on page #53, already have 2 pages of notes, and can tell you it is going to be absolutely invaluable to me in launching this business.

Thanks for great service and a quality product!!

Randy from Cave Spring, GA

(July 2004)

Dear Skip,

I recently purchased your manual on starting and running an eBay consignment business which my wife and I are proceeding to do. IT IS EXCELLENT!! You have done a superb job and it is perhaps the most helpful manual of it’s kind that I have ever seen. You have been an enormous help with the business that my wife and I are starting.


Harry from New Orleans

(July 2004)

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that of everything I have read in the last few months (and it has been a lot) yours was the only thing I was willing to pay for. The information I received from just the news letters is amazingly good stuff. It was all so good that even after I emailed and asked for your opinion I could not make up my mind on which package to purchase. The funny thing is I would have gladly paid double for the info you gave me for free.

I know what you mean that this is really a lot of fun. I have been buying on eBay since 1999. My kids don’t even know what’s its like to go to the mall. They shop on eBay and put things in my watch list to let me know what they want. It’s so bad my husband teases me that I won’t buy anything unless I check the price on eBay. I wish I would have decided to start selling a lot sooner!

It’s just so refreshing to know there are people out there that really do care and are willing to share the knowledge they have to benefit others.

Thanks again for all your help,

Kathy of Dyer, IN

(June 2004)

Skip & Karen,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I am very impressed with “The Complete eBay Marketing System”! I have not finished reading it yet, but I am over half way through it. I hope to finish it this weekend and get started using the great information you have provided. You have obviously done your homework here! I am confident that I can take the information you have provided and be successful using it.

I am not new to eBay. I have made many purchases and sold a dozen or so items. I recently decided to start a side business on eBay so I went looking for a book to help me. I am so glad that I found your book before I stumbled across any of the useless CD’s or wholesale lists available on eBay.

I am also planning to purchase the book you have on running a consignment business on eBay very soon.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us newbie’s an opportunity to learn from your experience.


Ronnie of Gaston, SC

Hi, Skip and Karen,

I received the book yesterday and am very delighted. Although I have been an eBay member for more than 4 years now, I have always been a buyer and have never sold anything. With your book I shall be able to do just that and I have already found many useful hints (even under the buyer¹s portion) which I was not aware of. Thank you again for the great service. I have left positive feedback for you with eBay.


Mike of Boerne, TX


Just to let you know I received the books/binders & CD’s a couple of days ago – good condition, well-packed! I like the idea of the binder – and that there will be occasional updates – that makes this system even more valuable as it will remain current with eBay and market changes!

Many thx and I look forward to getting up and going online with the help and advice found here!


Ontario, Canada

Hi Skip and Karen,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the amazingly FAST delivery. The manual and CD arrived today (Thursday). The material looks very professional, and the contents appear to be exactly what I am looking for. Also signed up for your newsletter.

I’m excited to get going! Continued success!

All the Best,

Mike, K and M Marketing, LLC

(May 2005)


Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your manual, “The wholesale Buying System“. Thanks so much for this valuable info, finally I have found good wholesale sources. Your book gives more than I even expected, after buying several other books on eBay for buying wholesale, I was very disappointed with the quality of their info. In Fact I am so pleased I want to order some more.

Thanks again for a great book, was worth more than your price for it.

Charleston, SC

(May 2005)


I just purchased the Auction Seller’s Resource “How To Start & Run An eBay Consignment Business” and I can’t tell how much help your information has been. I’m getting ready to open an online consignment business and did not know where to begin until I received your book. I feel confident now that I can open a successful online business now that I have read your material.

I would be happy for you to post my email to your testimonial page. You have a terrific site and a great book and I think anyone who is thinking about starting an eBay business should definitely read it. I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Thanks so much,


(April  2005)

Dear Skip & Karen,

I purchased this item on Thursday, it arrived yesterday, it’s almost 4:00 a.m. and I’ve read it cover to cover.

Excellent resource for us, as new consignment sellers.  Invaluable information, thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ve signed up for the newsletter and we will visit your web site often.  A special thank you for writing in a style that’s so easy to read and personable.  If you need written testimonials we’ll be glad to oblige.

Best regards,

Mary Klinker
Quest Results

(April 2005)


Received your book a couple of days ago.  It is fantastic!  I can appreciate all the time it must take to do all the research.  It is appreciated.

I am a disabled veteran and looking for ways I can work from home.  Your book and web site will really help me.

Mahalo….(thanks in Hawaiian)

Frances in Hawaii

Keith & Carole P. from AZ.

(April 2005)

We left positive feedback for you, however, you are only allowed so much space. We want you to know how much we appreciate you and the information you provide.

We’ve started the process of reading your manual. It will take us another month before we are ready to be a Trading Assistant –  we need another 25 feedbacks. Thanks to you and the information you offer, we will be ready to make it a success.

You will hear from us again – we will keep coming back for further educational material.


Keith & Carole P. from AZ.

(March 2005)

My college roommate and I started our own eBay Consignment business mostly from Skip and Karen’s handy and informative auction education materials.  From the novice to the seasoned pro, there is something to be gained from every page for anyone!  Even if you know nothing about business, or eBay, you can effectively launch your own consignment business if you use the resources Skip and Karen have put together.  Good Luck!”

Eric, 25, recent college grad and eBay Consignment business owner.  March 31, 2004

(March 2005)


Today I became a Power Seller!! This is in no small part due to all the information you have provided me. I have read and reread your books and I am still reading them.

I made several mistakes (learning experiences actually) along the way. However your material has saved me both money and time again and again. I have not made my fortune however I am still learning and at least I am on the way.

You tell us to make a three to six month plan. I am on a six to nine month plan. By the end of the year I expect to be making a comfortable living.

Thanks again,


(February 2005)

Skip and Karen:

This is to advise you that I received both the “Wholesale Buying System” and the ” How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business” and have read and re-read most of the material.

It’s incredible how much material is in the packages, together with web sites to buy material, get customers and etc. The books are worth the money and I look forward to making this big leap.


(February 2005)


I received the Wholesale Buying System yesterday and all I can say is HOLY COW!!! I’m kicking myself for not purchasing sooner. I’ve been subscribed to your newsletter for close to a year and was aware of your products for just as long. Within several minutes of reading this manual, I can say that this is easily the single best investment I have made in my eBay business. I have purchased various info products in the past (from legitimate and well known auction sellers and experts ) – most very helpful in their own right – but the Wholesale Buying System is the only complete guide I have found that gives the nuts and bolts about buying wholesale. You’ve done such a wonderful job – thank you for providing such an incredible resource!



(February 2005)

Hello there,

I have tried your wholesale buying system, and it really works. I have made US $12,000 in profit within 5months. And I just made a website and that I want to begin to promote.

I have mentioned your site to my family and friends, telling them how good your wholesale buying system is. You are most welcome to use my email as a testimonial. Take care and God bless.

kind regards,


(January 2005)

Dear Skip,

I first purchased your 3book series about a year ago, since then I have explored all the wholesale web sites you suggested and have gotten some neat stuff, mostly jewelry. I have read others marketers and always come back to you and your sage advice.

I took your class at New Canoe University on wholesale buying and again learned a lot even though I had already read your book. Your suggestions have always been “right on.

Please keep up the good work!!!

My wish for you and your family is Health and Prosperity for 2004!!

Warmest Regards,


(December 2004)

Dear Skip,

I received my copy of the Wholesale Buying System from an eBay auction today and I am really excited. I have already read about half of the book

Thank you for the quick delivery and for getting me registered on the wholesale-resources website. I left positive feedback for you and I hope we can do business again in the future.



(December 2004)

Thank you Karen –

We received our book and I’m almost done reading through it. It has been VERY helpful, not only in issues concerning consignment selling but selling in general, also.

That helps me because while I have sold some items, it’s been a very scattered here and there type of thing and time management never was an issue. We are selling things now that we have around the house, things that I’ve picked up from thrift shops (that is one of my hobbies), and have used the Costco tip from the newsletter to delve into buying and selling die-cast cars (my husband’s hobby).

We’re really excited and much of that is owed to your information, which I first found on ecommercebytes.com. As soon as I have time, I am going to take advantage of your affiliate program and recommend your information to everyone I can.

With many thanks,


(November 2004)

Hello Skip,

Wow, got the book and I’ve been reading it all week-end. It has some great information. Some things we’ve thought of but had no idea how to go about getting it. Thank you so much.

I am hoping to make this a success in the middle of Kansas. Am planning on starting out slow and hopefully it will grow and I can quit my full time job to do this full time.

Thanks again.


(November 04)

Skip, I wanted to let you know that I have received and read your manual. In fact, I have read it twice now, and am starting a third pass. Though this time I will only be reviewing the highlighted sections from the second reading. Needless to say, the manual has been very helpful to me and I would like to commend you on your work. I will be setting up my consignment business within the next 60 – 90 days.

I want to thank you again for the manual and reiterate how useful it has been to me. The information contained within the first few pages easily paid for the manual. Based on my satisfaction with this manual, I anticipate using your other sources of information in the future.



(October 2004)

I am taking the time to write this e-mail to thank you. I ordered the “How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business” by Skip McGrath.

I am very impressed. I ordered a course from someone on eBay about a year ago. They claimed to be able to help me make lots of money by selling on eBay. What I got was a kit that barely showed me even anything about eBay, only a few sources on the web (of which a couple no longer existed), and it was really unprofessional.

Yours on the other hand is great. Honestly, it cost about three times more money, but gave about fifty times the information. I am satisfied with everything from the prompt delivery to the professional binder it came in, the extra sources of information to the breakdown of how to list your auctions.

I am just a beginner as far as selling online, but it has really sparked a fire in me to try a consignment business after a little bit of time and experience. Thank you so much.


(October 2004)

I am very happy to have stumbled along your website while surfing the net about eBay selling.

I recently was unemployed due to job cuts here on the East Coast and found eBay to be a good way to sell a few things. I’m hooked on it 😉 I really would like to turn it into a fulltime venture and I’m sure with all the research you guys have done creating the manuals, it will be extremely beneficial to my eBay business or any other type of business for that matter.

Kindest regards, Jeff

(October 04)

I finished the consignment book last night. I’m sure I’ll reread it and use it for reference.

I’d been tinkering with the idea of selling on eBay for about a year now, but hadn’t found the right approach. The first 30 or so pages I read have really energized me! I’ve already placed ads in my local paper, and will have the “yard sale” flyers completed by tomorrow.

As per the suggestions, I have applied for membership in OAUA and signed on for the various newsletters.

I’ll let you know how things proceed. Thanks again for the excellent roadmap.



Dear Skip & Karen,

I recently bought your Wholesale Buying System after seeing your website featured on a PayPal Shops page. I started looking through the site and came across the guide, linked to some of your past newsletters and thought that your guide was a bit overpriced. I had bought “similar” guides on eBay which turned out to be nothing more than a CD or list full of companies that supposedly sold wholesale. But, lo and behold, there weren’t any web site links on any of these lists. Throwing caution to the wind (and having a little extra money that month) I decided to order your guide.

Now I think you’re not charging enough!

I received the guide about 3 days later and then just casually flipped through it. It sat on my coffee table for a couple of weeks until I just started reading it. I was amazed at the comprehensive information in it. In fact, the section dealing with storage locker auctions peaked my curiosity because there are often these types of auctions in my area and I had always thought about going, but never did. Now I will.

I’ve been so engrossed with ways of finding new stuff, that the stuff that I should be doing (like working!) I keep putting off. I’m sure that with this guide that I will be able to at least earn a decent second income. Who knows, my “real” job may soon become the second income!

You have found a fan for life,

Jan – August 3, 2004


I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoyed your manual. I read the entire thing last night. I wish I had it from day one it would have saved me a lot of agonizing and crying.

Your professionalism and honesty are a blessing and greatly appreciated. It’s not much but I did want you to know that all your hard work, organizing and knowledge has been put to a wonderful use and service to others. Your business style is truly refreshing in today’s world and I hope you continue with the “gentlemen’s handshake” way about you.

God bless and Wonderful, Wonderful Work My Friends,

Fellow eBayer,

Kimberly – 23 April 2004

Dear Mr. McGrath,

Thank you for sending the Wholesale Buying System so promptly. I have read most of it and have learned quite a bit already. I am going to re-read it to catch what I missed the first time through. I have also been doing some research on your website for wholesale buying. I want to check out all before jumping into this project. Yours is the best information I have found! So once again…Thank you!!

I have been selling on eBay for 21/2 years, and have really enjoyed it. I will definitely be recommending these books to others.

A Loyal Fan,
Dolores – October 20, 2004


Got the directory late last night when I got home. This is a great manual!!! And that’s coming from someone who has owned his own business. I have already hooked up with a couple of distributors and have deals in the works!!! Can’t thank you enough. I put your positive feedback on tonight…will be doing biz with you in the near future!!!

A new friend,

Randy – October 11, 2004


I received my three-book package today and have already started to dive into the books. They are very well written, and even though I already have been both a buyer and a seller on eBay, your first book (I read it already!) still had tips and tricks that I found useful. I’m working on reading the Power Seller’s Manual now, and I’m excited to see what it has in store for me. I feel my money was well spent.

Thank you for your wonderful service,

Bonnie – June 27, 2004

Hey, hey…

I bought the package in March and have been having good luck since. I decided to sell handheld computers or PDAs. Having worked at Best Buy for a year, I knew where they bought theirs and what they paid.

So, not only did I manage to undercut most of everyone on eBay, I took it off eBay and have several local computer companies selling my PDAs. So, to your readers who want to buy and sell computers, tell them it takes a while to find a source, but have faith and it will happen.

Good thing is, I’m only 22. I work 2 hours a day and absolutely enjoy life. Not to mention I make 3 times what I did at Best Buy. My dad’s retiring soon and I am currently showing him how to do this. I even gave him your book to read.

Thanks for everything,

Andrew – 29 August 2003

I received your three books and have left positive feedback for you.

I stumbled across eBay a month or so ago, and quickly realized that money could be made. I bought your books because I believe the best way to do something is to study how others have done it. No sense in re-inventing the wheel. The money I spent for your books was money well invested. I have looked at a few others and most are filled with little or no useful information.

From my past business experience, your information is solid and based on proven business ideas. I intend to study and use the information in building my eBay business.

I’m still trying to decide on what to sell, the age-old problem. My wife and I collect vintage clothing, an item that does not lend itself to large or Dutch sales. We hope to find items to sell as our main business and have the vintage clothing as our hobby on eBay.

Once again, I think your series of books gives a very good blueprint for a successful eBay business and would recommend to others the purchase of your books.


Richard – 03 August 2003

I am always glad to leave feedback and do so upon receipt of auction goods. I look forward to receiving the books and really getting into them. I looked at your website and it is very informative and confirmed a lot that I have already learned and provided information that was new and helpful.

I’m sure these books will assist me in developing the business that I have been trying to get going. I appreciate all that you have provided in order to assist me and others like me.

Thank you!

James Goode, Stockton, CA – 16 June 2003

Just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to Skip McGrath for this incredible book! I immediately incorporated some of his selling strategies in my business and saw an instant rise in sales!! Fabulous, easy to read manual! Keep up the good work!

Kathy – 11 June 2003

Dear Skip & Karen,

I recently purchased your how to consignment manual. After reading it completely 3 times, I have come to the conclusion that this is a well laid-out manual, the info is excellent, and I finally have the information to start a real business!

I have been selling on eBay now for over two years, with a feed back of 457 and over 750 transactions, many on consignment. Using one of your resources in the manual (SCORE), I have been in contact with one of their counselors, and soon will be meeting with the local chapter to get this business rolling.


Barry – 11 June 2003

Dear Skip,

Well, I received your book about 10 days ago and it is overwhelming. I read the whole book cover to cover twice the first night and was actually still reading it when my kids woke up at 7 am.

Thank you so much – I placed an ad in our local paper starting this week — about $80.00 and I have received 5 good phone calls and have taken over $3000.00 of consignments (that’s what I think they will actually bring.)

I have read parts of the book every day since and am using some of your ideas for flyers and local bulletin boards.

I used your idea when I was at a garage sale this weekend. A woman wants me to sell all of her son’s vintage Star Wars collection — he of course wanted way too much and had tried selling on eBay but got frustrated by all the work. I told her I would put the items in lots that I thought should bring $100+ and might bring $500-$1,000 but no guarantees. All due to your idea about high priced items at garage sales.

Thanks again,

Tim – September 14, 2002

Dear Skip,

We’ve been meaning to write to you ever since the day we received your book on How to Start & Run an eBay Consignment Business. We can’t tell you how enlightened we feel by the information you’ve provided!

We are just beginners with eBay but are very excited & motivated. We have gotten our tax ID number, USPS account, collected many boxes from our local gift & Hallmark stores, printed business cards, created a beginner mailing list, set up a photo studio, shipping station, and are working on a consignment contract.

I’m sure there is more to add to the list but we need to get back to the business. Learning new things has always energized us and we can’t thank you enough.


Kurt & Sara
a.k.a. Satisfied Customers – October 2, 2002

Hi again Karen,

Whether or not your system makes me money, I’m already happy with the purchase. I’ve been selling antiques on eBay for the past 5 years. I do it full time and it’s my living. I try to give top quality service and information and really do appreciate getting it in return, as few sellers know how to do that. I’m always looking for new ways to make some money, see that eBay has evolved from the antiques & collectibles market into the new merchandise market so need to give my business a new turn. I look forward to the new information.

Carolyn – 18 June 2002

I have to tell you I launched 4 auctions today and I was able to use HTML for the first time following the instructions in your manual. While I have a lot to learn, it was wonderful to see my auctions in something besides black and white in small font.

Thank you for the books!

Roy – June 14, 2002