The Personal Online Success Coaching Program – Perfect for Amazon  and eBay Sellers

Amazon Coaching

Could a personal coach and mentor help you build and grow your eBay or Amazon business?  The answer is “Yes!”

I have trained a group of expert business coaches to help my clients who are serious about succeeding on the Internet.  My coaches will help you get the in-depth skills and one-on-one training you need to grow your online business.

Let’s face it –Internet coaching has a spotty reputation. The early companies who started the online coaching business delivered a good service, but then too many fast-buck operators were attracted to the business. I have wanted to offer coaching for a long time. After looking at all of the companies that offered coaching, I decided the best way was to do it myself. So rather than rely on the outsourced coaching companies, I decided to set up my own program.

At Skip McGrath Coaching, all of our coaches are experienced Amazon Sellers, or actual eBay PowerSellers and all have been through the eBay Certified Education Specialist Program. We also have a couple of coaches who are experienced with creating and selling Private Label products, and one who is expert at building websites to sell products.

I have enjoyed all of our sessions and learned so very much. I am so glad I decided to do this coaching! It has taken me from “can I?” to “I can!”  ~ Danalyn M, Pillow, Pa.

Unlike many coaching companies whose coaches don’t really work on online –these guys –and gals, do. Some of them have their own Amazon and eBay accounts and we have set up Amazon and eBay accounts right in the office where our coaches can actually sell on Amazon and eBay, and we can use them to train our new coaches.

Skip McGrathIs your eBay or Amazon business struggling?

Do you have trouble trying to find products that you can sell profitably online?

Do you want to work for yourself full time–but are stuck and can’t seem to make it grow?

Are your eBay auctions closing at too low a price to make money? Are you closing too few auctions?

Do you struggle to get bids on your eBay auctions?

Do you know how to really use auction management software and systems to automate your business?

Do you need help with Amazon FBA?


Well, maybe you need some one-on-one help.

I have been an eBay PowerSeller and sold on the Internet since 1999.  My best month on eBay, I sold over $95,000—and I have averaged over $25,000 a month over a full year. That works out to $300,000 in sales per year. I know there are people who sell much more on eBay, but they are large operations with employees and large amounts of money to invest. I do this all from home with very little upfront money—and you can too!

Are you interested in selling on Amazon?  In 2006 my wife and I began selling on Amazon.  In 2010 we moved into Amazon’s FBA program.  And since we started selling on FBA, our Amazon business now dwarfs our eBay business.

I have written several best-selling books on how to make money on eBay and Amazon.  Each month I publish the Online Seller’s News, a monthly newsletter for professional online sellers. Hundreds of people have paid up to $999 to attend my eBay selling seminars. I enjoy helping people and making them successful, but most importantly, I sell on eBay and Amazon every day so I know what works and what doesn’t—but unfortunately there is only one of me.

I have personally trained the expert business coaches at Skip McGrath Coaching to help my clients who are serious about succeeding on eBay and Amazon get the in-depth skills and one-on-one training they need to make it happen.

Besides coaching we provide you with the research tools, eBay launching tools, in-depth training, techniques and one-on-one personal coaching to help jumpstart your online business and expand into a true multi-channel e-commerce business.

Once you are making a consistent profit on eBay or Amazon, we can help you set up a website and teach you how to drive traffic to it and increase your sales.

Call 1-800-578-3449 or visit my coaching website if you qualify

How much does the coaching program for online sellers cost?

It depends. Everyone is different. Everyone has different levels of skill and experience. One person may need a longer period of intensive one-on-one coaching, while another may just need a little bit of help –and others something in-between. After an initial free consultation, we will tailor a program to your individual needs. That is the beauty of our program. You are not getting some formula program designed for everyone –we work with your skill set, your experience and your schedule. Whether you can work full-time or part time is up to you.

Don’t worry –this isn’t one of those “high-pressure” deals.

You will be treated with dignity and respect, and we will not offer you a program if we don’t think you can succeed. I would rather have a small number of happy successful participants that hundreds of unhappy ones.

To speak to a Skip McGrath Coaching Specialist
and see if you qualify, call 1-800-578-3449*
or visit my coaching website

*If you are calling after business hours (Pacific time zone), just leave a message with a number and a good time to call back

Can Personal, One-On-One Coaching help you?

Whether you are an experienced business person or just starting out, our coaching program can help you do the same things the top eBay power sellers are doing to increase market share, expand their customer base and increase their profit potential. I have worked with the coaches –many who are experienced eBay PowerSellers, to develop the strategies and techniques to make anyone successful if they have the underlying talent and the drive to succeed.

  • Would you like to close more eBay listings?
  • Would you like to increase sales while lowering your fees and operating costs?
  • Have you found the right products to sell –or is the competition killing you?
  • Are you getting the results you want from an existing eBay business, Amazon business or website?
  • Would you like to expand beyond just auctions and open your business to the power of the Internet, but you’re not certain how to proceed?

It’s not enough to do it — you have to do it right!

eBay PowerSeller

Call 1-800-578-3449 or visit my coaching website to see if you qualify.

Click here to read an unsolicited testimonial from one of my coaching students. 


In 2006, I started getting interested in eBay. We needed a motor for our spa, so I thought I would look on eBay and see what I could find. I wasn’t sure which motor would fit. I figured I would buy one and resell it if I made a mistake! Well, I ended up purchasing a motor I couldn’t use, so I threw it back on eBay. That was my first sale!

Then I started looking for things around the house to sell. Selling on eBay was easier than having a yard sale! I started selling some candles and bath items. I really enjoyed selling on eBay and decided to take my selling to the next level. I came across some new Dish Network receivers. I bought all of them, and they sold!

At the time, we had a wheel repair business. I was in charge of the office work and was really busy. eBay was put on the backburner. In July 2011, my husband injured his back and could no longer work at his shop. We needed a way to make money. I decided to give eBay a try! I bought a book on eBay by Skip McGrath. I went to Skip’s site and purchased his list of wholesalers. That’s how I got involved with Skip’s coaching program. He set me up with Miriam Otto. She coached us and sent us a ton of information. It was the best thing we could have done. I could email her with questions anytime. We listed and listed. Within a few months, we had hundreds of listings up and became Bronze PowerSellers. We were done with our training but continued to make progress!

It has been a year since we started seriously selling on eBay, and we are Silver PowerSellers! I never thought we would reach that level. When you hear people say that they make a living on eBay, believe them! It is possible! My two daughters and my sister now have eBay stores as well. I am so thankful for that phone call from Skip’s office. Thank you, Miriam, for all your help!”


You’re welcome, Linda! And congratulations! To check out Linda and Tom’s store, click here. (I just checked, and they have more items listed than I do!!!!)


What can my coaching program do for you?

We give you access to a personal coach –an eBay or Amazon seller with the know-how and experience to help you make your business successful.

If you are accepted as a member of the Internet Success Team, you will:

  • Learn how the pros run online businesses
  • Practice the sales and marketing techniques that work on eBay and Amazon today –not last year
  • Know how to stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the rapid changes on eBay, Amazon and the Internet
  • Learn how to research and find a profitable eBay and Amazon business niches
  • Gain confidence, learn new skills and make money!
  • Learn how to turn lookers into buyers
  • Learn how and where to find products you can private label for maximum profits
  • Learn three powerful techniques that will increase your auction final values by 30%
  • Learn to create winning eBay listings
  • Learn how to create Amazon listings that win the buy box every time
  • Learn the techniques that can make your digital photos look like they were taken by a pro
  • Learn how to find dozens of free resources to help build your eBay and Amazon business
  • Learn how, what and where to find products to sell on Amazon and eBay at a profit
  • Learn how to find manufactures who will drop ship products directly to your customers (forget those Dropshipping middlemen –no one makes money with them)
  • Learn how to save hours a day by automating your business
  • Learn how to create an e-commerce website in less than two hours
  • Learn how to double your profits by mastering the art of the up-sell
  • Learn how to sell goods for others on consignment –and they pay the fees
  • Learn how to launch a powerful long-term eBay and/or Amazon BUSINESS!

How does the coaching program work?

Your personal coach will take a proven curriculum of successful principles and apply them to the particular needs of your venture – to your own particular background, experience, and needs. Together, you and your coach will take the latest and most effective ideas and implement them into your business.

Whatever your individual needs may be, your coach will assist in helping you to build the type of business you’ve always dreamed of. This is not a canned program. Every client is different. We will tailor a program exactly to your needs –and you budget.

How do I get started?

Are you serious about creating a business as an online seller? This is a very small program. We keep the coaching group small to insure quality. So we can only take on a few students at a time.

I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have found you and your coaching course on eBay selling, etc. I had tried a few other home businesses which turned out to be more or less scams. I did reach Power Seller which I doubt I could have accomplished without all the help from you and your team.

Thank you so much, – Jerry CJ, Ferndale WA

We only have enough coaches to take a few students at a time. One of our coaching specialists will conduct a short phone interview to determine if you could benefit from this exciting and limited program.

Take the first step towards financial freedom. Call 1-800-578-3449 or visit my coaching website to see if you qualify. If you are calling after business hours (Pacific time zone), just leave a message with a number and a good time to call back.  If you have some questions or would like to set up a time for one of our consultants to call you, just send an email to [email protected]. All of our programs are personalized so we don’t quote rates or provide extensive detailed information via email, but we are happy to answer some basic questions.

Remember our guarantee. If you do the work,
we will keep working with you until you are successful.