Wholesale Buying SystemLearn how, what and where to buy goods to sell on Amazon, eBay or your website.

The Wholesale Buying System™ includes a printed instruction manual.

Note that this product focuses on helping you find products to resell.  If you want information on how to sell on Amazon, please visit my training page.

“Dear Skip, I recently bought someone’s cheap wholesale directory eBook. It was nothing more than a collection of names and addresses. I might as well use the online phone book!”
…Sammy Partis, Beaumont, TX

Unfortunately, I get emails like that all the time.

My name is Skip McGrath. I am an experienced online seller who makes a living selling on Amazon every day.

My Wholesale Buying System™ is more than a wholesale directory – it’s a complete course in buying wholesale.

I include specific wholesale sources who will sell in small lots, large lots, even one item at a time!  This is not an eBook. I will ship your printed manual via UPS the same business day that I receive your order.

People will sell ANYTHING today! Even worthless lists of companies and phone numbers. If you’ve bought wholesale lists and directories before, you were probably disappointed. Directories are usually out of date, or just easily-available public lists of companies.

The dirty secret most wholesale list compilers don’t tell you, is most wholesale sources won’t sell to small volume buyers, anyway!

  • I find suppliers who will work with small eBay & Amazon sellers. We update our exclusive online directory every month.
  • My Wholesale Buying System gives you a lot more than just a directory! It’s a complete course in buying wholesale. I not only recommend specific sources to get you started, but show you how to research and find your own unique sources.
  • Pick and choose the sources you want! There’s no obligation or “hook” to force you to use any one of them, although each source has proven themselves over and over again.
  •  NOTE: If you also bought, or plan to buy either  The Complete eBay Marketing System or The Complete Amazon Marketing System DO NOT buy this book because this book, and all the bonuses, are already included in those two books.

I give you everything you need! YOU decide the wholesale sources you want to deal with! I show you…

  • Where experienced online sellers source the products they sell on eBay and Amazon!
  • Sources where you can buy wholesale in small quantities.
  • Proven RELIABLE drop shippers. Dropshipping is a great way to get started on eBay or Amazon with no inventory, but there are issues. Just one unreliable dropshipper can earn negative feedbacks before you even know there’s a problem! We show you how and where to find the good ones. (Note: Both Amazon and eBay are taking steps to discourage dropshipping, but it should still work well for a year or two).
  • How and where to get a Sales Tax ID number so you can buy wholesale and get into restricted trade shows and merchandise marts. (Don’t worry – it’s very easy)
  • How to stay ahead of product trends, so you can cash in before thousands of people have the same items!!

Read over the Table Of Contents and see for yourself! Or, go ahead: Order Your Wholesale Buying System Now, Risk Free!

Please Note: The wholesale sources and methods in this manual are designed for the North American Market. This product is not available for shipment outside of the US or Canada.

As you develop relationships with reliable wholesale sources I give you, you’ll get new products before your competition. These are the folks who find out first, who are in touch with markets worldwide. They anticipated the trends below BEFORE they exploded, and shared their knowledge with the sellers who bought from them. Those sellers were among the FIRST on eBay and Amazon to cash in on each of these categories.

These are proven strategies for success.

Just ask Freddie Borden, who found a demand but couldn’t afford to buy a container load of 20,000 items at a time. Using my strategies, Freddie was able to buy in small quantities he could afford, at a price that gave him over 100% net markup after fees:

“You just would not believe the demand for plastic swimming pool fountains! They are made in China and wholesale for $8.95 landed price (well below my selling price) and I am on back order!”
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Learn how to buy wholesale for eBay, Amazon or your Online Business. Order Your Wholesale Buying System Now!

The manual itself is 130 pages long, with 14 chapters and 4 appendices. Read over the entire Table of Contents! It’s real; I ship it to you so you can lay it out on your desk, write in it and use it while you’re working your eBay or Amazon business.

You learn where and how to buy the products. I include sample emails to suppliers, the right questions to ask and the proper way to communicate to use to establish credibility.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • Realize real wholesale prices on almost any product, even in small quantities
  • How to negotiate with wholesalers
  • Understanding jargon and the paperwork
  • Learn how to get into restricted wholesale trade shows and wholesale merchandise marts
  • How to get a business license and a tax resale number (Don’t stress out –it’s very easy)
  • Import directly without going to the port or hassling with customs.
  • How to get FREE Samples for just the cost of shipping

Samples can be used to check out the product before you offer it. They can also be used as auction items for 100% Profit Margins! Or, simply keep them or use as gifts.

Here’s an excerpt from a long, touching letter I got from a very happy student:

“A few months ago my husband walked out on me and the children. Suddenly my eBay hobby business took on new importance. I was looking for wholesale sources and followed your instructions to get free samples for just the cost of shipping. About a week before Christmas, a DHL Courier knocked on my door and delivered a package containing two of the popular kid’s scooters. Needless to say they ended up under the Christmas Tree…they were the only really nice gifts the boys got this year. I have now built a relationship with several great suppliers. Things are still tight, but there is now some light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”

–Karen C., Oakland, CA

Learn how to buy wholesale
for eBay, Amazon or your online business.  Order Your Wholesale Buying System Now!

There’s more! I’ll show you how to get on email lists that will alert you when products you specify, can be snatched up at closeout prices. Using this one resource, I’ve bought manufacturer’s overstocks and closeouts at pennies on the dollar.

Guess what that did to the profit margins on those items!

I don’t just tell you about these sources… I don’t just give you a company name and address… I take you directly to the websites where you can place your orders for deals like these, today!

  • Sterling Silver rings for $3.90 each
  • A set of socket wrenches for $6.65
  • Auto emergency kit for $14.00. One of my students made a killing on this item!

“We found a high quality automobile emergency kit. It came in a molded plastic case complete with a 20-piece toolkit, flares, road sign, flashlight and first-aid kit. Cost: $14 each. We obtained two samples for just the cost of shipping. Using the samples, we sold over 200 units before placing our order. They were shipped immediately and arrived within 14 days. We wholesaled most of them to local auto parts stores for $33 each. They were sold retail for $59.95. We sold the rest on eBay for over $40 each.” –Bob J., Portland, OR

  • DVD players for $19.00 each
  • Leather jackets for $21 (Not the “junk” leather jackets, these ones were actually decent quality)
  • Set of quality garden tools in a canvas bag for $9.25
  • Up to 60% Discounts on sterling silver, gold and diamond jewelry
  • Designer chronograph watches for as little as $19.00 each and Wenger (Swiss Army) field watches for $26 that retail for $79
  • 14 karat gold bracelets for under $19 each, 18 K for $26 each
  • Art and craft supplies at 50% below retail
  • High End Cutlery and Cookware for a fraction of retail. (I found one of their $19 cooking sets (sold in the US under a major brand name) currently selling on “Bonanza” for $49.00!)

Susan in Akron jumped on one of their cutlery sets:

“I highly recommend your directory. I recently found a small lot of very high quality Chef’s Knives from a closeout dealer for pennies on the dollar. They came in a set of four knives, sharpening steel and a cleaver in a real leather case for traveling. I was planning to sell them on eBay, but I sold the entire lot to local caterers and restaurant cooks at a 125% markup. I made over $1,100 cash in three days of selling.”
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You get ALL this and more for only $39 + Free Shipping and Handling*,  when youorder the Wholesale Buying System today!


Here’s What You Get:

The Wholesale Buying System™ Manual, 130-page printed training manual, shipped to you the same or next business day.

It contains all the information, strategies, techniques, instruction, forms and correspondences for buying wholesale from U.S. and international suppliers. 14 Chapters and Four Appendices. (Read the entire Table of Contents)

PLUS! Get These Six Valuable Bonuses When You Order Your Wholesale Buying System Now!

  1. How to Import Products From Overseas to Sell on Amazon:
    Importing can be fraught with danger if you don’t do it right. But if you’re careful it can be insanely profitable.
  2. Winning The Amazon Buy Box with Product Bundling:
    Winning the buy box is critical to your success on Amazon. One factor that goes into winning the buy box is the unique nature of your product. This is where bundling comes in. It’s a way to create a unique product so you’ll win the buy box every time.
  3. Private Label Bonus Report:
    My special report on how I source and private label products to sell on Amazon and eBay with examples.
  4. How to Find Profitable Wholesale Products Right in Your Neighborhood:
    Everyone who wants to make money selling on eBay or Amazon is looking for that special wholesale source that no one else has – but sometimes that source is right around the corner.  You just need to know where to look.
  5. Online Auction Photo Secrets:
    You have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, online a picture can be worth a thousand dollars!
  6. US Government Auction Guide:
    Government auctions can be an excellent place to source merchandise for online auctions. It does take some capital to buy large purchases can be in the thousands of dollars, but surprisingly there is often merchandise sold for literally pennies.

I am so sure this training will help you, I’ll back it with my exclusive…

GuaranteeNo-Questions-Asked, Unconditional, 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

You can transfer all the risk to me!

Even if you say, “Skip, no thanks, not for me, take it back” and you return The Wholesale Buying System, I’ll refund every dime. Your only risk is the postage to return the book to us. (About $2.00 if you use media mail)

I know, compared to worthless eBooks and CDs of wholesale lists, this may seem a bit high, but the kind of feedback I’ve gotten about this isn’t what you might think.

Take Jan…

I recently bought your Wholesale Buying System. I thought that your guide was a bit overpriced. I had bought ‘similar’ guides on eBay which turned out to be nothing more than a list full of companies that supposedly sold wholesale. But, lo and behold, there weren’t any website links on any of these lists. Throwing caution to the wind (and having a little extra money that month) I decided to order your guide.

Now I think you’re not charging enough!

I received the guide about 3 days later. I was amazed at the comprehensive information in it.

I get so many emails from eBay and Amazon sellers who were totally disappointed when they dealt with some of the large wholesalers and closeout companies on the web.

Spend $39 and learn how to do it right –or risk thousands of dollars on a wholesale purchase where you get stuck with unsalable merchandise.

What Are You Waiting For!? Order Your Wholesale Buying System Now!

You get a truly impressive 130-page step-by-step workbook packed with specific information you can use!

You get direct access to thousands of suppliers around the world, updated every month. You get valuable bonuses worth more than the guide itself and do it all with ZERO Risk!

Again, there is NO risk. The Wholesale Buying System™  –  where you learn how to buy wholesale for eBay and Amazon – comes with a 90-day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

Use Our Secure Server To Order Your Wholesale Buying System Now!

PS: I have sold over 8,000 copies of this book. Even though I give a money-back guarantee, my return rate is less than 1.5%. You might think “well it must be hard to return a book?” Nope. The return address is on the first page and we process return payments the same day we receive the books.

Use Our Secure Server To Order Your Wholesale Buying System Now!

Wholesale Buying System

We do not rent or sell our buyers names and we do not capture or store your credit card information.

*Free shipping and handling offer valid for US addresses only. Shipping to Canada is extra. The wholesale sources and methods in this manual are designed for the North American Market. This product is not available for shipment outside of the US or Canada.