Wholesale Buying System Table of Contents

If you are like me you probably want to know exactly what you are going to get when you make a purchase online.

Here is the table of contents for The Wholesale Buying System.

I first wrote The Wholesale Buying System in 2002. The first edition was only 88 pages. I have updated it every year and it now runs over 130 pages. I update the manual at least once a year and sometimes more often when new information becomes available.

Unlike a lot of people selling wholesale lists and eBay success information, my wife Karen and I have been selling and still sell on eBay every day. We are Gold-level power sellers. That is someone who sells between $10,000 and $25,000 every month on eBay. We are also the only eBay Information seller allowed to exhibit every year at eBay’s annual convention, eBay Live.

The Wholesale Buying System: Table of Contents
Types of Wholesalers I explain the various types of wholesalers including dealers, distributors, master wholesale distributors, manufacturer’s reps and so on. I not only explain how they deal with you –I teach you, how to deal with them.
How To Find Dealers and Distributors There are a lot more resources for finding wholesale suppliers than just the web. Some of the offline sources can be great finds. You will learn how to find a dealer or distributor for almost any product –online and offline.
Drop Shipping for Profits Let’s face it. Most of the so-called drop ship directories and the various drop ship companies are out-and-out scams. You can drop ship profitably –I do. I will show you how to avoid the middlemen and deal direct with manufacturers who will drop ship for you.
How To Negotiate With Wholesale Suppliers Donald Trump calls negotiating “The art of the deal.” Once you know what wholesale suppliers look for –what motivates them, you will be able to negotiate like a pro. I will show you how to get small quantities from dealers who only sell in large quantities, how to get discounts for paying cash and how to get credit terms even if you haven’t yet established credit with any wholesale suppliers.
How To Buy At Auction I buy at auctions all the time. I go to physical auctions, web-based auctions and closeout dealers auctions. They all work differently, but if you know how to work them they are a gold mine of products to sell on eBay.
Wholesale Dealer Auctions Did you know there are several Wholesale Dealer Auctions held every week in various cities around the United States and in Canada? These are great places to score some incredible bargains, but you can also get financially mugged if you don’t know what to look for.
Closeout Auctions on The Web These can be even more dangerous –but they are also a super source for goods –once again if you know what to look for, how to qualify the purchase and how to have the items shipped.
Closeout Dealers There are over 1,000 companies in the US who specialize in closeout, surplus and overstock merchandise. How do you find the good ones and how do you keep from getting screw**ed ?
Buying At Trade Shows Trade shows and merchandise marts (next chapter) are where I have found some of my best scores when it comes to finding products to sell on eBay. But they are devilishly hard to get into. I show you how to break the code –and once you are in, how and what to buy.
Gift Mart & Design Centers Not only do I find great products to sell on eBay, this is where my wife, Karen, and I do all of our Christmas shopping –all at true wholesale prices. When it came time to furnish our new house, guess where we bought our furniture and accessories? There is a gift mart and/or a design center is almost every large American City.
Direct Importing If you want to find products to sell on eBay or your web site that you can mark up 200% to even 500%, direct importing is the way to go.I know it sounds intimidating –but I show you how you can import from overseas with very little risk and without going to the port or dealing with customs.
Wholesale Sources for Antiques & Collectibles Where do antique and collectible dealers get all the fabulous items they sell in their stores and on eBay. There are sources for real antiques. I know –Karen and I operated a successful antique shop for 8 years and that is how I got my start on eBay in 1999.
The Paperwork Do you know the difference between a commercial invoice and a pro-forma invoice? Do you know what the terms FOB, CIF, LOC and FAS mean? It’s all part of the language of the wholesale trade. I explain it all in simple language that will make you sound like a pro.
Appendix 1 Trade Show Calendar. A complete list of hundreds of wholesale trade shows held all over the US with phone numbers and contact information.
Appendix II Directory of Design Centers, Wholesale Merchandise Marts and Gift Marts. I can walk into any gift mart or design center in America and find a profitable product to sell on eBay within 1 hour.
Appendix III My Top Wholesale Sources –this is a printed list of some of the best, but remember, the members-only web site lists many-many more.
Appendix IV 99 Tips for Buying and Selling on eBay. Twenty-six pages of my best tips for buying and selling on eBay culled over the past six years

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