Closeout Dealers

The Liquidation and surplus market is starting to heat up. Businesses are under great pressure to reduce inventories and there are going to be some great deals in the months ahead. However, this market has its quirks and dangers. As long as you know what you are doing it can be very profitable.  Here is an article about sourcing the liquidation market that you should read before diving in:

Buying Liquidation, Surplus and Closeout Merchandise To Sell on eBay

Indo Trading USA is a closeout company that carries merchandise specifically for online (incl. eBay & Amazon) resellers and – They also will ship direct to Amazon FBA for 25¢ per product label. Their basic membership is free, but they also have an executive membership for $49.99/monthly that includes: The hottest deals they have with margins of 30%+ and controlled quantity spread.

Bulq Liquidation has a large supply of back-to-school items ready for immediate shipment.

MAC Wholesale is a national closeout wholesaler. They carry the major consumer product categories – housewares, hardware, toys, sporting goods, apparel, footwear and more. They sell happily sell to e-tailers. Like dealing with any liquidator, make double sure you know what you will receive, and get a shipping quote before ordering.

888 Digital is a very interesting company that works with all sizes of eBay and Amazon sellers from small to medium & large to the very-very large.

In addition to sourcing liquidation goods from manufacturers, 888 Digital also has a deal with Amazon to sell their merchandise. You know how things mysteriously disappear from Amazon warehouses? Well, they often turn up, and 888 Digital is the company Amazon uses to liquidate them.

BlueLots is a relative newcomer to the industry with excellent reviews. They offer clothing, accessories and general merchandise in small lot quantities.

American Global Liquidators – sells general merchandise, clothing, electronics, and is based in Florida. They sell by the pallet or truckload.

Quicklotz offers a variety of exclusive inventory that cannot be found with other merchants. is an auction-style site. The company is very reputable, but not all of their auction sellers are. This is one of those places it pays to pay attention to the shipping cost and options.

Via Trading is located in Southern California and is a well-known liquidation dealer with eBay and Amazon sellers You can get information and bid online, or live, in person if you are near Southern California. If you are from a different state and buy in person, make sure to arrange out-of-state shipping to avoid high California sales tax.

High End Closeouts, as the name implies tends to specialize in the more expensive products, mostly liquidated from Department Stores such as Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus. One word of caution, their website is definitely not high-end.

Bstock is headquartered in Redwood City, CA (Near San Francisco). They work with 8 of the top 10 retailer chains in order to get a diverse range of liquidated merchandise for its buyers.

LIBRA is a business-to-business wholesaler dealing in brand name closeout goods. They sell closeouts of all kinds, including: excess and obsolete inventories, premium overstocks, buy backs and stock lots. As with any closeout dealer, check them out carefully before ordering and always consider the shipping cost when you buy.

Rhino Mart is a wholesale distributor of closeout merchandise. They sell closeouts, overstock, customer returns, surplus and liquidation merchandise.

United Jersey Wholesalers specializes in the wholesale distribution of closeouts, overstock, liquidations and store returns. As the name suggests, they are located in New Jersey -but they sell all over the United States.

Direct Liquidation is not one of the older liquidators, but they are very fast growing.

Genco may be the largest liquidation dealer around today -and one of the oldest. They have lots in various sizes.

R.G. Riley is another large and well-known liquidation dealer that works in small low-cost lots.

The Official Wal-Mart Liquidation site offers a wide variety of goods from Wal-Mart (all types) and operates in an auction format.

Jacobs Trading is a direct wholesaler of customer returns, shelf pulls, excess, and overstock inventories. They tend to favor large purchases.

DRS is a surplus liquidation company. As with any liquidation company, it pays to fully communicate with them so you fully understand what you are buying and what all the terms and costs are.

Great Lakes Wholesale & Marketing L.L.C. markets and distributes over 2,000 continuity and closeouts items including grocery, healthcare, dry goods and beauty care products.

Triple A Closeout Liquidators is a large liquidation firm that liquidates goods in over a dozen product categories. I do not have any experience with them or know anyone that does, so proceed carefully. They are a very large and established company so they are probably OK, but when dealing with any new source you should do your homework.

1 ABC Closeouts sells Closeouts and salvage goods, offering overstock, liquidation merchandise, Department Store returns merchandise, and surplus merchandise for pennies on the dollar.

Merchandise USA is a large liquidator of chain store merchandise.

TDW Closeouts is a large closeout and liquidation dealer. They sell mostly brand name department store merchandise

DJH, Inc. sells name brand closeouts in several categories including toys, health & beauty, sporting goods, pet products and housewares. Their inventory changes constantly, so you need to check their website often where they show the wholesale prices and case quantity. They don’t always have photographs of the products on the website but they will email them to you if you ask them.

One of my Canadian readers turned me on to a Canadian Liquidator he has worked successfully with VDC Canada Product categories consist of, but are not limited to; Apparel, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Toys, Electronics, Bed & Bath, Tools, Luggage, Furniture, Baby Product, Seasonal Goods, and many one time opportunity buys that Canadian Liquidators stock in their Off Price stores and Liquidation warehouse.

Tech Liquidators is the liquidation company for Best Buy. They offer both new, returns and refurbished consumer electronic products. They use the auction format.

All time Trading is a closeout distributor. Most of their items are cheap dollar store things that aren’t suitable for eBay. However, you could make up small wholesale lots of the lower cost items and sell them that way. And if you look there are some higher priced items on the site as well.

I have mentioned Trademark Commerce before, but I keep getting requests for reliable drop shippers and I often refer people to them. Unlike many of the large general dropshippers, Trademark Commerce actually has the actual products in stock in their warehouse. They offer a web site setup deal but I wouldn’t waste my time with that. But they are a good source of liquidation products for eBay or Amazon sellers – and they dropship.

The Closeout Store is another closeout dealer that is used to working with small buyers.

Closeout Surplus is a large closeout dealer of brand name small appliances and other goods.

The Bargain Warehouse is a liquidator for major department store chains that sells by the pallet load. They sell a mixture of returns and overstock. This can be a great place to get some real bargains on brand name goods or it can be a nightmare if you get a lot of customer returns. But the prices are great such as a pallet load of toys for only $350 with a retail value of over $1200.

Countryside Closeouts is a business-to-business firm specializing in low-cost, high return retail products to dollar stores; eBay stores; convenience stores; thrift centers; discount stores; discount furniture stores; hardware stores and other businesses interested in selling quality products bought at aggressive, below wholesale prices.

American Merchandise Liquidators sells Top Brand Names at Below Wholesale Prices. Closeouts, Overstocks, Customer Returns, and More. They sell to Off Price Buyers: i.e., Closeout Sellers, Brokers, Flea Market Vendors, Auctioneers, eBay Sellers, Wholesalers, Retailers and more.

Closeout Place has enormous buying power. This allows them to sell brand names such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Converse, Puma, Skechers, Asics, Starter, Doc Martens and more at approximately 50% off regular wholesale prices. They also have an enormous selection of NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL licensed team apparel. They have a 200,000 sq.ft. warehouse in Chicago. So if you live in the upper Midwest you can visit them in person.  They sell their items in case packs and the minimum order is $300.

Salvage Closeouts

The Closeout Club sells brand name merchandise, department store and hardware store closeout merchandise by the pallet load. is a central source for closeout dealers. Over 100 closeout dealers are listed by product category.

Sav-On Closeouts is a great source of collectible and branded merchandise such as Ertl, Star Wars and so on. They sell in small quantities and are one of the top suppliers to eBay sellers. lists product photos and prices right on the web site. Check this site often as they relist new products weekly.

Madison Avenue Closeouts specializes in name brand and designer labels of men’s and women’s fashions. For example, they recently had a lot of 10 Alfani men’s sport coats for $290 ($29 each) and Jones New York Lady’s suits for under $27 each. The Alfani coats retail for $250.00 and the Jones NY suits usually go for over $300 retail. They often have lots by Liz Clairborn, Polo, Nautica, DKNY and so on.