Drop Shipping Suppliers

Please read this information carefully before accessing or signing up with any of the drop shipping companies listed below. You should also read the information on our main drop shipping page in the navigation links.

If you live in Europe or the UK you can use these suppliers to sell on eBay US. If you are looking for UK or European drop ship suppliers, please read this information first and then look on the UK sources page for drop shipping suppliers

Purchasing and storing product inventory is a major cost factor for on-line sellers. Dropshipping is a sales process whereby you promote and sell a product but the inventory is held by the wholesaler. When you sell the product, you send your order and payment to the wholesale source (A drop shipping company) who then ships the product directly to your customer.

The advantage to you is that you take no inventory risk. You never have to worry about buying a product that doesn’t sell and your cash is not tied up in inventory sitting on a shelf waiting to sell.

There are, however, some disadvantages. Occasionally the drop ship company runs out of inventory and cannot ship the product. If you are selling from a web site you can simply apologize and refund the buyers money. If you are selling on eBay or another auction site this is a very big problem because the buyer might leave negative feedback. A couple of feedbacks that state you could not deliver the product will ruin your reputation as a seller and make it very difficult to build your business. Given this fact it is important you only deal with reliable drop shipping companies. Remember it is your reputation, not theirs, that is on the line.

One additional problem with dropship companies is that they all sell mostly the same products. It is difficult to find suppliers of unique products that drop ship although we have found and included a few.

Below is a list of wholesale sources who will drop ship directly to your customers. Most of the web sites give information about their drop shipping policies –but some do not. If there is no information on the web about drop shipping, simply email the source and ask for this information.

Caution: A few of these companies listed below offer you a premade web site with all of their products or where you can upload their products. This is usually an option. I do not recommend this.

The problem with these shopping web sites are many. First of all, how will you drive traffic to it? Google penalizes sites if they have copy that is identical to other sites –exactly what you get when you buy a pre-made web package hosted on the same server with hundreds of other nearly-identical sites. So your only option unless you already have a customer list is email marketing or pay-per-click services such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing. This can get expensive.

Search engines look for content. If you look at the web site where I sell the EZ Cube Photo Light Tents (www.ezauctiontools.com) you will see that I have a lot of free content on the site. The articles and photo tips pages get dozens of hits a day from people searching terms such as “digital photo tips.” Most of the drop shipping shopping pre-made web sites don’t allow you to add that sort of content.

Another problem is the scope and type of merchandise you can list. If you buy a web site from one of the drop ship companies, most of them only let you list their merchandise. This can make it very hard to build a niche.

Finally you really have no control over the ordering, shipping and other customer service issues you need to control to build a real online business.

My favorite website builder is from a company called Site Build It. Site Build It is a complete system for building a website from scratch that does not require any technical skills. If you can point, click and type you can have a website up and running within a couple of hours. But the best news is that Site Build It comes with full training and 24/7 support to show you not only how to set up your site but how to market it and start making money with it.

If you would prefer to have someone do the work for you, Site Build It also offers that complete service.

All of the companies listed below have a drop shipping program, but the details are often not listed on their web site. If you don’t see anything on the web site about drop shipping, email them and ask for the details.

EDM Products offers a FREE DROP SHIPPING SERVICE! They are the Midwest’s largest variety direct master importer They carry  over 1,000 different SKUs in following categories: – Musical – Tools – Arts and Crafts – Sporting Goods – Airsoft Guns and Knifes – Toys – Pet Supplies – Home and Garden. They have offices overseas and source their products directly from manufacturers and factories.  As with any dropshipper – be careful and run a small test before diving all the way in.

Culinary Teas sells Gourmet Teas for Every Taste. They carry over 350 different teas from a wide variety of types and styles. They offer 3 different wholesale programs including a drop shipping program!

Indo Trading USA is a closeout company that carries merchandise specifically for online (incl. eBay & Amazon) resellers and – They also will ship direct to Amazon FBA for 25¢ per product label. Their basic membership is free, but they also have an executive membership for $49.99/monthly that includes: The hottest deals they have with margins of 30%+ and controlled quantity spread.

Gift Basket Drop Shipping is the industry’s original and most trusted wholesale gift basket drop shipper. Put our 17 years of knowledge and expertise to work for you today. GBDS gifts offer higher profit margins and a larger more unique selection.

Streetwise Security Products is a large manufacturer & wholesaler of stun guns, pepper spray, alarms and spy cameras. They will ship direct or dropship.

Animal Stuff Inc. sells pet steps, including some environmentally friendly stairs. In addition, they offer a line of cat furniture. They will drop ship several of their products. Most of their products are made in USA.

CC Wholesale Clothing Company is a clothing designer and manufacturer who also dropships. As with any dropshipper – proceed with caution.

Hollon Safe is a safe manufacture with a dropship program for depository safes, gun safes, home safes, and commercial safes.

B & F System, Inc. is a direct source for a wide range of products including cookware & cutlery, home and garden and sports and outdoors and the offer wholesale dropshipping.

Shine Company, Inc. sells solid wood outdoor furniture and garden accessories.

Continents Apart, LLC is an independent sales organization that specializes in working with drop ship accounts in home furnishings, gift and licensed sports products. They state they have no membership fees and no drop ship or handling fees. As with any drop shipper, check them out carefully, compare their prices and do a test buy.

Wholesale Favors USA carries over 200 wholesale, personalized gifts that can be engraved and Dropshipped to your customer. We have wholesale products that are perfect for dropshippers.

Cathedral Art is a supplier of religious goods.

XSDepot resells name-brand computer related accessories, small electronics, video games and software. They also provide Drop Shipping Services.

Lillian Rose Inc is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and drop shipper offering fashionable and trendy wedding accessories for over 25 years. The brand has expanded over time to include baby, special occasion and gift items.

Green Supply is one of the largest distributors of hunting and fishing equipment. Note – when you visit their website, they offer a program called Dealerease which is a pre-packaged website with their products. Do not bother with that. It is almost impossible to make money with one of those sites unless you have a way to drive traffic to it. Recent changes by Google make it difficult to get one of those websites found. Green Supply’s normal pricing for individual items is somewhat high, but if you buy in case lots you can get closer to the true wholesale pricing.

DP & Company is a general wholesaler of a wide variety of merchandise.

World Wise Imports is a wholesale distributor of classic games: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, and Go. They are also the publisher of Curses! and How to Host a Murder.

I have mentioned Trademark Commerce before, but I keep getting requests for reliable drop shippers and I often refer people to them. Unlike many of the large general dropshippers, Trademark Commerce actually has the actual products in stock in their warehouse. They offer a web site setup deal but I wouldn’t waste my time with that. But they are a good source of liquidation products for eBay or Amazon sellers – and they dropship.

Eastwind Gifts carries a large line of gift items including garden décor and, they dropship. But always remember, with any new dropshipper you want to test them out first before committing to selling their products online. Most important will they ship and send you tracking in one business day as eBay will soon require?

ECameraFilms offers wholesale disposable digital, custom wedding favor, child and kid-tough Polaroid cameras, cheap portable mp3 players, waterproof cameras and many other discount products –and they have a drop shipping program.

JCH Tools Wholesale Tools, is a wholesale tools supplier who dropships. Again I don’t have any experience with them so I would advise a couple of small trial orders to see how good their service is.

North Pines Wholesale sells 1st quality and irregular t-shirts, tall tees, socks, women’s activewear, underwear, and belts. They also dropship.

Complete Medical Supplies, Inc. is a wholesale dropshipper of medical supplies. Everything they sell is non-prescription. One of their hot products is the Up-Lift Power Seat to help elderly people rise out of a chair or sofa.

One of my readers recommended International Gift and Wholesale as a large online dropshipper of a wide variety of products. But I have no personal experience with this company and have not checked them out, so be careful. They are probably fine, but I am always leery of large dropshippers that handle a wide variety of merchandise. So start small. Place a test order or two to see how their service is. And read their terms and conditions carefully so you know what you are getting into. I am not saying this because I think there is something wrong with this particular company –I do this for any large dropshipping operation that deals in a wide variety of merchandise.

Da Vinci Imports is one of the leading wholesale casino and gambling supply distributors in the nation. They also carry wooden wine boxes and board game supplies. Go to the “Customer Login” page and establish yourself as a reseller to buy wholesale. They also dropship.

Sunrise Wholesale offers free wholesale dropshipping on their line of over 5,000 wholesale products. Their gift products work well for eBay, website and Amazon sellers. I honestly don’t know much about them, or if they are reliable or not, but an eBay seller I respect says she does very well with them.

California International Sales is a distributor of new, recondition and refurbished, Panasonic, Casio, Olympus and Polaroid cameras and consumer electronics including home theater systems. And they offer a drop-shipping program for items with a selling price over $50. Here are a few photos of their items:

Aura Perfumes Of Paris is a perfume and fragrance wholesaler who will drop ship name brand perfumes.

Surplussourcing.com is now dropshipping.  Register for an account and contact them for drop shipping details.

Thunderball Marketing is a large distributor of electronic audio, video and photographic equipment. They have been in business since 1985 and will work with eBay sellers. You will have to fill out an application and fax it to them.

The Body Bolster is a very unique exercise device for sore backs. The company will sell in 1 dozen lots or drop ship directly for you. You will have to email them through the web site for wholesale and drop ship information.

Vitamin Power is a wholesale distributor and drop shipper of vitamins. They are a straightforward distributor –not a MLM company like many others.

Cutting Edge Products sells and drop ships security products, gifts and electronics.

CWR Electronics.com is a large distributor of marine radio and ham radio equipment and other electronics.

Shot Rock are the innovative suppliers of ice shot glass moulds. I have never seen these anywhere else, and they seem very fun. Imagine shot glasses you can throw after you take the shot and watch them shatter. Make them different colors with food dye, the possibilities are endless.

Fountainology have wonderful stone fountains, tumbled gem stones and much more.

Salco Distributing is the original As Seen On TV company. They have recently changed their online name to EZ Dropshipper and have started offering a drop shipping program.

Bonica Marketing sells underwater cameras, dive watches and accessories and will drop ship for you.