Electronics and Software

Three4D Designs makes and sells a fashionable, flexible phone finger loop called the Phone Flipper to prevent expensive phone accidents.

Cotytech manufactures and wholesales flat screen TV wall mounts and LCD monitor wall and desk mounts. They are based in Taiwan but stock many products in the US.

Buy 4 Less Electronics Inc. sells Name-Brand Consumer Electronics, Computer Products, and Photo products. Both new and refurbished Cameras, DVD Players/Recorders, Audio, PDAs, MP3 Players, Camcorders. (Be careful, some of the name brands are restricted on eBay and Amazon).

Windbridge Power is a website that sells a range of Bluetooth products related to mobile devices. The prices on the website are retail, but if you use the Contact Us form and send them a message, they will send you a price list with prices that are substantially lower.

Fine Life Products is a wholesale company with five divisions – fine Auto, Fine pets, Fine Audio, fine Tool and Total Vision. Fill out the form on the landing page to create a wholesale account.

AP&P Battery is the master importer and distributor of Panasonic Batteries

The Simp-Q Photo Studio is a product you may want for your own business -but the real opportunity is to sell these to eBay, Amazon and website resellers. There is one seller of these on Amazon who is merchant fulfilling -but none in FBA.

Funsparks Wireless Speakers – These work with all smart phones and are water resistant.

SLK GLOBAL Inc. is a manufacturer & distributor of Cell Phone Protective Cases, Pouches & Chargers. They also Specialize in Customized Packaging.

Reiko Wireless Inc. is a manufacturer & importer of IPod and Cell Phone accessories including cases, universal pouches, belt holsters, car & home chargers, hands-free, data cable, Ipod speakers and more.

ANMEZ makes and sells the Greentest – It is an innovative portable smart device that detects contamination in fresh fruits and veggies in just 3 seconds.

Chic Buds are unique earbuds that are specifically and intentionally designed to meet the exclusive needs of women and girls.

Innex, Inc. is a worldwide distributor of video game accessories, toys, mobile & audio equipment. Find peripherals for retro and next-gen gaming consoles and handhelds. Licensed plush toys, figurines, R/C cars, and board games.

OnTouch, Inc. is the U.S. agent of HIPCE (Hong Kong) Limited. HIPCE products are available in a variety of selections, such as towers, racks, boxes, and wallets etc.

My ePads sells a line of low-cost Android electronic pads in sizes from 7″ to 10″ including children’s models.

Dicapac America sells a complete line of waterproof cases of iPhones, smart phones, cameras (from small to large SLRs) There is a lot of competition in this space, but this is one of the best products I have seen. With there case you can actually use the touch screen and take photos underwater with an iPhone or almost any smart phone.

Fesco Distributors is a large distributor of brand name consumer electronics products and accessories.

Wholesale Security Cameras wholesales a wide line of security camera and other security products.

Icella is a large wholesale source for iPhone, Smart phone and iPad accessories, speakers, cases and many Bluetooth accessories.

Cirago sells a large line of iPad, iPhone and smart phone accessories including Bluetooth products, cases and the very hot iAlert Tag which secures your iPad and alerts you if you forget it and walk away. Also helps you find your iPad if you misplace it. Or if someone walks away with it you can follow them.

XSDepot resells name-brand computer related accessories, small electronics, video games and software. They also provide Drop Shipping Services.

KMR Wholesalers are wholesalers of Cellular accessories and Small Leather Goods located in Orlando, FL USA.

Dream Wireless is a large supplier of iPhone and iPad and Smart Phone cases and accessories. Here again – prices for these products are highly competitive so use a bundling strategy to defeat the competitors and price cutters.

NEM Wireless USA carries a full line of cell phone accessories including chargers, holsters, cases, and more.

Empire Scientific is a leading supplier of batteries, chargers, and accessories to retailers in the cellular, video, and cordless telephone segments of the consumer electronics industry.

Empresal sells Car Audio Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers, and other car audio accessories.

By Tech manufacturers a large line of iPhone and Smart Phone cases, covers and accessories and they also sell audio products for the iPhone/iPod.

The Cosmic Blue Company had one of the cleverest things at the show. They sell a line of very attractive key rings with built-in flash drives. The website is in Japanese but there is a tab that you click for English and you will get a contact us form so you can email them for pricing information.

The Cosmic Blue Company

iBeDry sells a line of waterproof cases for your iPhone, iPad and other smart phones.

NSI Audio sells a complete line of car stereo speakers, amplifiers, cables, tuners and accessories.

iWorld is a manufacturer of headphones and iPhone docking stations and other iPhone and iPad accessories. When you get to the website, use the contact form to register. Say you saw their products at ASD.

Citrus Micro sells a variety of computer parts and accessories. They offer an end-to-end source of computer products as well as a comprehensive selection of both active and passive network equipment.

ECameraFilms offers wholesale disposable digital, custom wedding favor, child and kid tough Polaroid cameras, cheap portable mp3 players, waterproof cameras and many other discount products –and they have a drop shipping program.

All-Battery is a one-stop wholesale supplier for Rechargeable Batteries. they stock AA, AAA, C, Sub C, and D NiMH, NiCd, Li ion/Li Polymer Batteries and many types of specialized batteries.

DryCASE is a patented waterproof vacuum case for cell phones, mp3 players or digital cameras. DryCASE Tablet is a waterproof case for your iPad or any E-Reader Tablet.

CompuExpert claims to be the Internet’s largest wholesaler and retailer of video games and accessories. I don’t have any experience in this field so I can’t verify that claim, but they do seem to have a large and varied product line.

Gametronics Inc is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of videogame products – offering a wide array of software, hardware & accessories.

The Entertainment Group is Canada’s largest wholesaler of DVDs and they also sell into the US.

Surplus Giant Inc. is an international distributor of branded closeout products. They offer surplus, and wholesale deals on computers, laptops, iPod, luggage & travel, camera, and electronics accessories. They carry leading manufacturers such as Targus, Kensington, Logitech, Microsoft, Belkin, Lowepro, Samsonite, Wenger (Swiss Army) and others.

China Vasion Wholesale, sells Digital Cameras, Car Electronics, MP3 Players, MP4 Players, Spy Cameras, Security Products, Electronic Gadgets. They sell in small quantities and they dropship –but I would be careful dealing with a dropshipper that ships directly from China.

Mini Gadgets Inc offers wholesale camera binoculars, pencams, credit card cameras, wholesale wireless MP3 players, spy cameras, camcorders and much more at below wholesale prices.

Power Line Wholesale wholesales car audio & electronics and musical instruments to dealers and re-sellers only.

Brooke Distributing is a wholesale distributor for Samsung, Pentax, Panasonic, Sharpe, Techniks, and many other electronic companies. You will have to email them from the web site to get a dealer application. Just fill out the application and fax it back and they will give you access to the wholesale pricing for a wide range of digital cameras and electronics.

Fashion Electronics has one of the nicest lines of cell phone, iPad and Bluetooth products I saw at the show. This is really nice stuff. Their line includes cell phone cases, chargers, Bluetooth headsets, power supplies and batteries, chargers and more. One of the neatest products is an iPad case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard.

You will have to email them through the website for wholesale information.

Opteka Inc. has become a branded household name worldwide. They manufacture and distribute digital camera accessories such as SLR lenses for digital cameras, batteries, digital photo frames, tripods, flashes and cases.

TECTRON International wholesales Batteries, headphones, earphones, games, toys, tools, housewares, hardware, flashlights, microphone, dollar store items, electronics, mp3, FM Radio, knives, remotes, clock, DVD/CD Holder, audio/video accessories and even some computers.

Teepee Trading is an electronics wholesaler with solutions for car, home, mobile & marine. They also carry As Seen on TV, Self-Defense Products and DJ Gear. And they will drop ship many of their products. Note: The website is retail, but once you register you can access the wholesale pricing and drop shipping.

Telstar Trading sells a nice line of retro electronic products such as nostalgic radios and telephones along with other unique electronic gifts and gadgets.

California International Sales is a Distributor of new, recondition and refurbished, Panasonic, Casio, Olympus and Polaroid cameras and consumer electronics including home theater systems. And they offer a drop-shipping program for items with a selling price over $50. Here are a few photos of their items:

Next Success sells a very nice line of computer laptop tables –some with built-in fans and USB ports and some very neat fashion flash drives.

MAT Electronics sells a wide range of consumer electronic parts and accessories.  Example – Zune EB Premium Headphones for $3.50 per pair. They sell on Amazon for over $20.  There is a link on their home page where you can download their wholesale catalog as a PDF file and get immediate access to their wholesale pricing.

Zeikos sells a very nice product range of headphones, electronics, photo accessories, flash drives and Bluetooth devices. They have several products licensed by the NFL with MFL team logos.

C. B. Distributing is a wholesale electronics distributor specializing in personal communications and accessories. They distribute over 5,000 different products in citizen band (CB) & 10 meter radio, marine radio, police scanners, GPS, radar detection, cordless telephone and audio/visual categories and will sell to e-commerce resellers.

Impulse distributes various car stereos and kits. The prices on the website are discounted retail, but you can E-mail them for wholesale information.

I got a call from one of my readers looking for cell phones to sell. The problem with that is you have to buy in really large quantities to make money. But there is some good money to be made in refurbished cell phones and cell phone accessories -and other accessories for MP3 players and so on.  Here is one of the wholesale sites that deal in those products.

Sourcing Map is a large importer of electronics and cameras and accessories and they will ship in small quantities.

Dicapac is a small manufacturer of excellent quality underwater cases for digital cameras. This is a really well-designed product and very price competitive with the hard cases from the large photo dealers. They are located in China, but they have warehoused product here in the US so you don’t have to import.

DBL Distributing has long been a source of electronics and accessories for eBay sellers. However they recently announced that they will no longer work with eBay sellers unless you also have a unique website where you list the products.

Skywalker Communications is a large distributor of consumer electronics. Although they have a lot of the popular brand, hot consumer electronic products, this is a very difficult area to compete in, but there is a lot of money to be made in the accessory products, speaker kits, cables and so on. Once you arrive at the site you will have to download and fill out a dealer application to get wholesale pricing.

Wholesale Music distributes musical instruments, audio equipment and other electronics.

T-Ball is a huge distributor of all types of consumer electronics located in Manhattan. They are very strict about having a resale number and want a credit application filled out before giving you access to their catalog. Hint: Register your business name as a DBA sole proprietorship and then just fill out the credit app personally. This should get you in.

Petra Industries sells a wide variety of electronic accessories and small electronic consumer items such as DVD players. One item that is a hot seller is an FM transmitter for iPod. It broadcasts your iPod music though your home or car FM receiver. You will have to register to see the prices but it only takes a few minutes. They also offer a drop ship program but I haven’t checked it out so I don’t know if it’s worthwhile or not.

Global Printer Services sells refurbished printers that come with a warranty.

Wholesale Electronics is a large consumer electronics distributor.