General Wholesalers

General wholesalers are companies that carry a wide variety of merchandise. A few of these companies are repeated in some of the category sections so you may see a few duplicates here.

If you are going to buy wholesale you need to learn the lingo. I have used some common wholesale terms in the listings below. See if you know them. If not, you can break the code by looking at one of my blog posts

After Trade shows, Wholesale Merchandise Marts and Design Centers are one of the best places to source wholesale merchandise to sell online. They are essentially showrooms that look like retail stores so you can see and handle the merchandise. The only difference is you can’t pay and walk out with it. Instead you place orders and they ship the goods to you.

To get in you will have to prove you are in business so you will need typically 3 things:

  • Business cards
  • Checkbook with your business name
  • State sales tax or resale number certificate

Here is a link to most of the merchandise marts and design centers in the United States

If you are within driving distance of Lancaster, PA, Be sure and visit the Lancaster Mall that has tons of Cash & Carry holiday seasonal goods.  Their goods include hundreds of Made in USA products.

CROV makes it easy to source quality products directly from Chinese manufacturers – and they drop ship!

EDM Products offers a FREE DROP SHIPPING SERVICE! They are the Midwest’s largest variety direct master importer They carry  over 1,000 different SKUs in following categories: – Musical – Tools – Arts and Crafts – Sporting Goods – Airsoft Guns and Knifes – Toys – Pet Supplies – Home and Garden. They have offices overseas and source their products directly from manufacturers and factories.  As with any dropshipper – be careful and run a small test before diving all the way in.

Price King Inc. (est. 1970) is a leading wholesaler selling mainly to C-stores, $1 stores, variety stores, drug stores and others. They carry lots of low-priced items suitable for bundling.

Flipo is a designer and supplier of flameless candles, sconces, candle holders and solar pathway lights. Plus a wide selection of novelties and toys, lawn and garden, personal safety products and more.

Hanners Wholesale has a large inventory of wholesale tools, apparel, ATV’s, motorcycles, and more!

Indigo Fair is a wholesaler of a wide range of products and gifts and they allow you to return products that don’t sell

B & F System, Inc. is a direct source for a wide range of products including cookware & cutlery, home and garden and sports and outdoors and the offer wholesale dropshipping.

Bwanaz is an online wholesale marketplace for a wide range of products. They were recently recommended to me, but I do not have any experience with them, so try them out by placing a small order. They are a membership platform, but there is no fee. Instead, they require a $50 minimum order to set up a membership. One caution – I noticed a lot of brand names on the site that could be restricted on eBay or Amazon, so check before you buy.

A & M Wholesale Group is an importer of a variety of trademarked brands. Trademarked brands include Countryside Products, Totally Cool Toys, Kentucky Tactical Supply, Camco Tools, and Kentucky Cutlery Company.

Kole Imports sells a wide variety of low cost goods that make great items to bundle or multipack. Also Kole offers the service of sending goods direct to Amazon FBA for you. And here is a great deal. They offer my readers a 6% discount if you use the code SKIP6 at checkout.

Dallas Wholesale sells wholesale handbags, wholesale totes, wholesale purses, wholesale luggage and wholesale charm bracelets.

XS Merchandise is an excellent source of name brand liquidation products to sell for the holidays.

If you live in the Southwest, the Dallas Mart has several wholesale trade shows this year.

Gamut Distributors distributes a large variety of products from Children’s plush animals to jewelry and fashion accessories -and they offer free shipping on everything.

PDS Enterprises, Inc is a wholesale, closeout, surplus, and liquidation dealer. They sell a wide variety of products including tools, knives and swords, fashion accessories, seasonal items, and collectibles. They have recently introduced a drop ship program but I honestly don’t know anything about it, so please enquire carefully.

Premier Wholesaler carries all types of overstock merchandise from a wide variety of Department Stores and Manufacturers in the USA, from Brand Name Sneaker Overstocks and Apparel Closeouts to Surplus Electronics and Liquidation Furniture. They sell by the pallet, bin, skid, lot, or by the truckload.

Fine Life Products is a wholesale company with five divisions – Fine Auto, Fine Pets, Fine Audio, Fine Tool and Total Vision. Use the contact link at the bottom of the page to request wholesale access to the website.

DGP Wholesale is a large general wholesale supplier and importer that work with small to medium-sized eBay and Amazon sellers.

All time Trading is a closeout distributor. Most of their items are cheap dollar store things that aren’t suitable for eBay. However you could make up small wholesale lots of the lower cost items and sell them that way. And if you look there are some higher priced items on the site as well.

DP & Company is a general wholesaler of a wide variety of merchandise.

Advance Distributors, Inc is one of the largest wholesale distributors of general merchandise. Advance carries products for dollar stores, convenience stores, beauty shops, wholesalers, and retailers. Household products, health and beauty aids, party supplies, convenience store items, and fragrances are a few of the many categories their products fall into.

Sale Stores is a liquidator of appliances, Computer Hardware & Supplies, Consumer Electronics, Phones and Communications Equipment, Extended Warranties, Furniture, Luggage & Cases, Office Equipment & Supplies, Projectors & Cases, Security Systems, Tools, Watches, and much more.

If you are near, or traveling through Chicago, The Merchandise Center is located just minutes from O’Hare International Airport. It contains dozens of wholesale liquidation dealers all in one spot.

Mitech Trading has wholesale prices on gifts, leather apparel, electronics, swords, watches, wholesale gifts, serving trays, perfumes, binoculars, backpacks, leather purses, promotional products, cookware, cutlery, musical instruments, knives, tools & GAMES and GAME accessories.

TeleBrands Wholesale is probably the leading supplier of ASOTV goods to eBay sellers. There are several companies in this industry — but this one is the best in my opinion. They sell most products in one-case lots and the prices are typically 50-60% below the advertised on TV price but might only be 20% to 30% above the eBay price.

EZwholesaler offers over 4000 products at true wholesale prices. They are distributors of As Seen on TV, Security and Defense, Gift Baskets, General Merchandise and more.

Rex Distributors had one of the largest –and strangest booths at the ASD show. They sell a large line of knives –almost anything you can think of, but they also sell boxing gloves and other sporting equipment, and cutlery for manicurists and pedicurists as well as a dozen other unrelated categories.  I made the mistake of asking for a catalog and the weight of my backpack increased by over 5 pounds. But they have some great stuff and they are happy to deal with small online sellers.

CKB Products is a large, well-known wholesaler in dozens of product categories. I have heard mixed reports about this company. Some sellers really love them and have been working with them for years while others have complained about their products and services. I have not personally worked with them so I suggest if you work with them you start small with maybe a test order or two.

Discount Wholesalers, Inc. specializes in overstock, customer returns, liquidation merchandise and closeouts (pallets to truckloads). Discount Wholesalers, carries general merchandise, domestics, food, electronics, apparel and tools including major Name Brands. If you see something on their website that interests you, call their sales reps at 610-458-1131 to get details and pricing. (Note – don’t buy customer returns – these are usually damaged goods. The best merchandise is what’s called shelf pulls).

Wholesale Mart has over 3000 inexpensive products in light bulk quantities.

At first glance, World Buyers has a lot of cheap junky products, but if you take your time to look through the site there are some nice items for resale. They currently have a $150 minimum order.

When dealing with any closeout dealer, be sure and understand the quality, condition and type of merchandise you are getting. Do NOT buy returns or warranty returns. These products are highly problematic unless you can repair them. Some of these companies sell right off of the web, while others you have to contact to get their stock lists.

Here are some other popular liquidation and surplus dealers:

H&J liquidators

One of the nicest guys we met at the ASD/AMD TRade Show in 2008 was Amin Jivraj from a company called Showcase, The best of TV and More. He did a very nice favor for my wife at the show without even being asked.

Showcase is an As Seen On TV wholesale supplier, but are very unique in several ways. First of all they have plenty of higher priced items –not just the low-cost stuff. And they have a drop ship program for eBay sellers. But best of all, this company owns 41 ASOT stores in Canada. This gives them buying power and they can see what sells. They can buy in huge quantities so they can mark up their wholesale cost to make money but still undersell the other suppliers. And most importantly, they have an excellent quality control program. They thoroughly test their products before importing them. When you go to Showcase, the prices you will see are retail. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to their wholesale program. Once you fill out the form, they will contact you with wholesale info and their drop ship program.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of product research and wholesale shopping at Global Sources Direct, the specialty site for eBay and small internet sellers where you can import in small quantities. The products and the deals come and go on this site and often only last a day or so. Therefore you want to bookmark it and check in every few days or so. One of the things I like about this site is that you can use PayPal and get PayPal buyer protection on your wholesale purchases.

Racer Wholesale sells automotive racing and performance gear.

America’s Mart in Atlanta is the largest gift and merchandise mart in the US. This is their online presence. You can deal with any of the wholesale shops in the mart without going to Atlanta. It is a little difficult to register and get access, but it is worth it as this is a place to find hundreds of unique suppliers.

New City, Inc. is one of the largest wholesalers in the world. They sell almost everything. You will need a business license and a tax resale number to deal with them. They will deal in small quantities.‘s wholesale search service connects you with sellers mostly in Asia , but other places as well. Unfortunately, there are some suppliers listed on Alibaba that can be less than reliable. Gold Suppliers, however, are pre-qualified and have to pass a rigorous screening to be listed. Once on the Gold Suppliers page, there is a search box where you can search only the Gold Suppliers.

Mission Knives is a knife manufacturer and supplier to the US Government, Navy Seals and Special forces. These are the real deal –not the cheap “made in China” knives selling on eBay.

India Mart links to many companies who will export different goods from India and China. They deal mostly in large orders, but they will handle small orders (approx. $500 minimum).

St. Louis Wholesale is an excellent wholesaler of gifts, jewelry and broad general merchandise with GREAT prices.

Buck Wholesale is a general wholesaler of flea market and dollar store items –many of which show up on eBay. They have no minimum order and no sign up fee.

A few words of caution when dealing with liquidation and surplus sources:

  • You can find some great stuff from liquidation outlets, but expect some junk too. Communicate with the seller and ask lots of questions to make sure you understand exactly what you are buying
  • Watch the shipping costs. Make sure you are still getting a good deal when they are added in
  • Don’t buy “Returns.” These are goods that people returned. They often include items that are defective, broken or damaged in some way.
  • The best items are “shelf pulls.” These are goods that just didn’t sell and the retailer had to move them out to make way for new stock

So here are a few sources to look at.

Topper Liquidators is mostly known for their liquidation products, but this month they have something really unusual. They are selling a small bar that came out of a suite on the Queen Mary.

While you are there take a look at their other liquidation products. They are happy to work with eBay and Amazon sellers in small quantities or large.

Pallet Bid is one of those liquidation companies whereby you bid –much like ebay. Their merchandise is typically overstock or returns. As you know you want to be careful with returns –you can make money on them but just realize that you will often have to trash about 20% to 25% of any shipment you buy. But many of the pallets go for less than $300 and contain $1500+ worth of goods. Always make sure you know the shipping cost before bidding. Each auction shows the location of the seller, so look for sellers who are closer to you. If you live in Seattle don’t buy something from Florida.

Countryside Closeouts is a business-to-business firm specializing in low-cost, high return retail products to dollar stores; eBay stores; convenience stores; thrift centers; discount stores; discount furniture stores; hardware stores and other businesses interested in selling quality products bought at aggressive, below wholesale prices.

International Wholesale Gifts and Collectibles. offers a wide selection of good quality surplus merchandise and they have a drop ship program for heavy items.