Gourmet Food

The Amazing Tea Company offers a complete line of Loose leaf teas and tea accessories.

Scripture Candy provides wholesale candy with scripture verses. This is a retail site; contact them to become a wholesale customer.

Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee Roasting Co. offers a large line of coffees teas and Accessories. Coffees include both organic and gourmet coffee.

LEM Products sells meat processing and jerky making equipment and supplies to the do-it-yourselfer hunter and home processor.

Van Roehling Sauces & Rubs sells a delectable blend of German heritage and Texas spices to give you a zesty flavor of authentic, home-style sauces, rubs, candied jalapeños, and salsas.

Culinary Teas sells Gourmet Teas for Every Taste. They carry over 350 different teas from a wide variety of types and styles. They offer 3 different wholesale programs including a drop shipping program!

Maria’s Style offers pasta sauces, jams, soups and more. They specialize in gourmet all-natural foods, low minimums and will do private labeling!

Bella Cucina Artful Food is a premier specialty food manufacturer in America. They are an artisan producer of highest quality Mediterranean-inspired foods.

Mister Snacks Inc. sells exotic snacks and snacks mixes under the names of Sunbird Snacks and Stone Mountain Snacks, nationally and internationally.

The Exotic Bean sells USDA certified organic, shade-grown roasted coffee from Thailand. Their coffees are trademarked as The Worlds most Sustainable coffee.

Forte Chocolates makes and sells wholesale Hand-crafted chocolates and confections from award-winning Master Chocolatier Karen Neugebauer. Made in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington State (Home of the largest Tulip Festival in the United States).

Smoking Gun Jerky, Inc. sells a line of fresh & nutritious beef jerky made fresh daily with Midwestern Beef. Lower sodium, no MSG added.

Groovy Candies sells a wide assortment of wholesale and nostalgic candy for gifts, party favors or just for fun. You can source a collection of treats from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s or mix and match. They sell a lot of products that lend themselves to bundling

Rocky Mountain Imports imports and roasts coffee beans from Columbia to Indonesia, and sell a nice line of gourmet coffee.

Montillo Italian Foods produces Vino Cotto in the United States using their family’s 4th generation recipe from Calabria, Italy. They will mail or fax their wholesale information.

BestWhip Inc. sells N2O whip cream chargers, “whipettes” and dispensers, They also carry CO2 cartridges in 8g, 12g, 16g. Look for the link that says “Become a distributor.”

JKENS sells a wide range of Cookies & Candy items. They carry nationally recognized brands including Mayfair, Stauffers Biscuit Company, Sweetzel, Daddy Ray’s and Uncle Al’s cookies.

Sukhi’s sells a line of Indian gourmet food products

Fattah Trading Company is a family-owned and operated candy and grocery wholesale distributor based in Chicago. They sell leading brands of candy & gourmet food items and ship all over the US.

Albanese Confectionary makes and sells Made-in-the-USA gummies and candies. Use the Contact Us link to request wholesale information.

Jelly Belly is probably the most famous jelly bean company in the world. And, it’s not just Jelly Beans, they also sell licensed merchandise as well.

Bulk Beef Jerky sells jerky in 1, 5 and 10 pound bags. Their jerky is all natural -and not just beef. They also sell turkey jerky and exotic jerky from Alligator, Buffalo, shark and Elk.

Bangkok Crisps sells a line of tasty vegan and gluten free snacks made in Thailand

The McStevens Co. sells a large line of licensed food and cocoa products.

Somersaults is a healthy snack company who’s snacks are gaining a following online.

Chapul is a line of Protein Bars that were featured on Shark Tank. Don’t freak out -but the main ingredient is Cricket flour. Yes -they do sell -in fact quite well. The website is retail, so use the contact form to ask for wholesale information.

as seen on Shark Tank

Dr. Peats make sauces that include marinades, glazes and salad dressings. Their flavors include a Burgundy Wine Marinade, Praline Mustard Glaze, Chipotle Grilling Sauce, Herb Bacon Dressing, Parmesan Pepper Dressing, Chili Pepper Dressing, and Lime and Cumin Dressing/Marinade.

Numi Organic Tea features many varieties of tea and tea gifts. Note that the link takes you to their site dedicated to wholesale buyers.

Toby’s Specialty Foods and Gifts offers over 40 gourmet specialty food and gift lines.

Serenity Tea Sips sells a very nice line of loose leaf teas and tisanes in a wide range of flavors.

NutZez sells a line of gourmet flavored nut butters that appeal to sweets lovers and health conscious buyers.

Fireside Coffee Co. sells a complete line of coffee, teas and cocoas. They also sell pre-mixed mocha mixes.

Atlantic Spice Company sells Gourmet Spices, Herbs and Teas at Wholesale Prices.

If you sell in the grocery and gourmet foods category, here is the exhibitor list of the Sweets and Snack expo with links to the vendors. http://www.sweetsandsnacks.com/exhibitor_list.cfm

Ravens Originals carries a line of holiday-themed food items that do very well this time of year in the grocery and gourmet food category on both eBay and Amazon.com

Candy Rific sells a large line of specialty candy/toy products and they are a licensed dealer of Disney Frozen Products and other licensed lines including Star Wars, Elvis and Marvel Characters.

Brands Unlimited is a Canadian company that sells a large line of candy products and gift packs that sell really well over the holidays. The only info on their website is a phone number that you have to call to get wholesale information.

Cooks Tavern Soups is a line of packaged soup mixes (not liquid) that really lend themselves to bundling.

La Crema Coffee Company is a new line of coffee products

The Fudgery sells several types of gourmet candy – not just fudge.

Wind and Willow sells several gourmet food items including several gluten-free deserts.

The Charmeur Company sells high-end chocolate making kits.

Alexia Foods sells a very nice line of packaged specialty foods that should do very well on eBay and/or Amazon.

International Gourmet Food Distributor is located on the East Coast and services the area from Baltimore South to Atlanta. However, they can ship some of their products too other parts of the country.

My Spice Sage sells wholesale spices and other kitchen products and food-related gift items.

FG Market is another wholesale gourmet food and gift distributor that will ship all over the country.

Rose City Pepperheads has been making pepper jellies since 1998. They carry over 25 varieties of pepper jellies. Use in marinades, recipes and snacking.

BK Specialty Foods Distributor – If you live in the New York City to Washington DC corridor, BK is a large distributor of specialty foods, including many ethnic foods and one of their specialties is gluten-free food. If you live elsewhere, email them, as they may be willing to ship UPS. Remember you only want to buy packaged foods -nothing that needs refrigeration or has a short expiration date.

Country Archer sells an American line of Beef jerky products in a number of flavors and spices.

Specialty Food Distributors sells several lines of gourmet foods and they will private label for you.

CandyStore.com sells a full line of candy products and offers flat rate shipping everywhere in the US.

Ital Foods sells all types of imported food products from Europe

Scholtens Inc. Wholesales the Cottage Country Brand: A complete line of candies, nuts, dried fruit, trail mixes and chocolates.

Chukar Cheeries located in my home town of Seattle creates cherry-based candies, chocolates and sauces that are all-natural and premium quality. They sell through local sales reps around the country so just email them and ask for the name of the rep closest to you.

Ariadne Pure Inc. makes and imports a line of honey spreads, grape syrup and extra virgin olive oils from Greece and Cyprus

Dulcet Foods sells some very popular cooking sauces and flavored ketchups. Be careful as most of them are over 4 ounces in size and cannot be sent to FBA, but in the past I have sold a ton of their products on eBay and you can merchant fulfill them on Amazon.

The Copper Leaf Gourmet Company sells an interesting line of gourmet sauces, pepper jellies, dip mixes and seasonings.

The company I mentioned in the article on the gourmet food niche, DPI Specialty Foods is actually a nationwide company with distribution hubs in several major cities.

The Gourmet Food Store is another large wholesale food distributor. The website is their retail site – just use the contact form to get wholesale information.

Imperial Foods is another national wholesale distributor of gift basket foods and supplies. Gift baskets are great products to sell in Amazon FBA because most of your competitors are selling merchant fulfilled.

Gift baskets sell all year round, but the fall and holiday seasons are the best periods for them. JDW Gift Basket Supplies sells all your gift basket needs, and if you are selling any of the gourmet foods we talked about in the last article, you can add them to gift baskets too.

WBM International is the home of Himalayan Salt Products. They have over 25 products made from Himalayan salt including salt lamps, salt candle holders, Cooking salt, salt shaver, salt cooking plates, salt serving plates, salt chunks, fine salt, coarse salt, bath salt, foot soaking salt, foot detox blocks, massage stones, animal salt lick, sole salt drinking therapy and a lot more. They also carry other health and beauty products.

The Wholesale Gourmet sells several gourmet food lines. This is a product category that Karen and I have done very well on Amazon. Remember to only buy products with a long shelf life and no need for refrigeration.

Corkpops sells a very nice line of wine openers and accessories including electric wine openers.

Western Gourmet Foods is an importer and distributor of specialty foods. They carry over 25 imported brands.

McCutcheons Apple Products features a complete line of home-style gourmet food products.

Eden Organics is one of the largest suppliers of organic canned food sold in specialty shops.

Edwards of Surry Virginia is a distributor of specialty smoked hams, bacon and other gourmet food products.

Gourmet foods are hot and hot sauces are one of the hottest products. Hot Sauce Harry’s is one of the leading wholesalers of hot sauce in the US.