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Last updated: December 19, 2018, 1:26 pm

Below is a complete list of all our wholesale resources pages

International Durus offers a line of very nice handcrafted jewelry consisting of natural indigenous materials such as coconut wood, shell, metal, seed beads, silk, resin, horn, feather, leather, etc.

Unilution Inc is a direct importer and wholesaler for electronic gadgets including; digital cameras, electronic Sudoku games, Bluetooth headsets, sexy lingerie and more.

Peacock Imports offers a line of gourmet all natural Preserves and Spreads, Mango Spread, Mixed Tropical Fruit Spread, Pineapple Preserve, Strawberry Preserve, Orange Marmalade. Their products are 100% Natural with no artificial flavors or colors.

Marukai Wholesale Mart specializes in the importing of Japanese products, such as groceries, goods, furniture, health products and electronic appliances. The Marukai Wholesale Mart continues sells over 20,000 specialty products at discounted prices.

Ganesha Expo is a large manufacturer and trader of all kinds of handicraft and handloom items.

Intrada Italy makes and imports Italian ceramics and pottery including Italian hand made and painted ceramics, pottery, dinnerware, glassware, pewter and Florentine wood trays

Mingzhou Oriental is an importer and wholesaler in the US specializing in oriental furniture, home decor, gifts, antiques, arts and collectibles. Wholesale only

Alibaba - www.Alibaba.Com

AliExpress - www.aliexpress.com

Global Sources - www.Globalsources.com

Global Village Imports sells thousands of imported products from all over the world.

The British Exporters Association Their website lists hundreds of British companies that export.

Inter-American Trading: Unusual handicrafts, handbags and clothing form the Andes region of South America can be found at www.i-at.com

S.A Bendheim Importers of specialty glass.

The Afghan Connection. Unusual gems and jewelry from the mountains of Afghanistan. He has been interviewed on Good Morning America, was consulted by the U.S. Department of Defense because of his intimate knowledge of Afghanistan, and is ex-Army, so you know buying from him isn't going to be funding terrorists, quite the opposite in fact.

The English Antiques Warehouse Importers of fine (and some not-so-fine) antiques from England.

Union Camera Hong Kong - A Hong Kong based international trading company specialize in export and wholesales of brand and genuine cameras from 1989. http://www.unioncameraltd.com/camera.php

Four Seasons is an importer of low cost general merchandise. None of these items do well to sell on their own, but these are great products to create bundles and multi-paks with.

The Indonesian Exporters Gateway. A source and links to companies in Indonesia producing products for export: www.indonesia-product.com

INE Imports sells a line of imported gifts from around the world.

Puerto Rico Exports  - There are wonderful products available from nearby Puerto Rico. Because it is a US territory there is no customs duty. Here is a site with some interesting coffee and tea related products from Puerto Rico: Porto Rico Importing Co.

AA Importing Company. Imports antique reproductions from around the world. Just don’t try to pass them off as real antiques: www.aaimporting.com

Matr Boomie is a fair trade company specializing in hand made products from India.

Miya Company Inc. provides unique products made in, or inspired by, Japan for the global market.

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