Personal Care and Spa Products

Sozio Inc. creates and manufactures fragrances for perfumes, personal care, home and household products.

FragranceNet offers Fine Fragrances that use essential oils in their products which include Incense sticks, natural and charcoal, incense cones & powders.

Sofi & Peri offers a line of Hand pressed all-natural bath bombs made from coconut oil and shea butter for extra moisture. All of their products are handmade in Kentucky. Additional products include Shower Bombs and Sugar Scrubs.

Cottage Brands sells a line of handmade bath & body products made from honey and beeswax.

Wholesale Body Oils sells a complete line of Fragrance Oils, Body Oils, Perfume Oils, Scented oils, Air Fresheners, Massage Oils, Oil Burners, Scent, wholesale body oils, wholesale fragrance oils, bottles, roll-ons, spray bottles.

The Rag Company carries a large quantity of microfiber for detailing and cleaning. Check out their full cases of towels.

Plaine Products offers sustainable personal care products that are paraben, sulfate and toxin free. They are also biodegradable and color safe. Aloe is the main ingredient. They are tear-free and work great customers with sensitive skin.

High Voltage Wholesale sells a large line of Detox products and other supplements.

Comfort Click Ltd is the Authorized UK Wholesale Distributor of Herbal Health & Beauty Products such as Beauty Products, Hair Care and Skin Care Products, Weight Loss and Digestive Health Products in UK and Europe.

Alchimie Forever of Switzerland sells a large line of cruelty free and vegan high-quality beauty products

Naturally Vain is a Canadian company that makes a line of unique hand made soap products.

Canard Labs handcrafts soaps, soy candles and organic lotions in the Coos Bay, OR, USA,

Drugstore Products, Inc. is a discount wholesaler of Health & Beauty Care and Cosmetic products.

Luce Skin Care sells a silicone facial cleansing and anti-aging device.

Protein Water Distribution sells their Probalance line of Protein Water. They feature All Natural Ingredients: 15g Protein – Zero Sugar – 5X Electrolytes Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Chloride.

FaceLube For Men: is an all natural organic automotive theme, anti-aging skincare product made for men, comes in box that looks like motor oil bottle.

Burnt Whiskey sells everything to do with beards, from actual razors to balms, oils and grooming products

Hydration Health Products sells a line of hydration products to take before and after a hard night of partying.

Andis sells a wide variety of hair cutting and grooming supplies, including horse grooming tools.

Seriously FAB is a manufacturer of cruelty-free, Vegan and anti-aging sun protection products.

Bluespring Wellness sells a variety of oils and creams for muscle soreness, pain and skin care as well as a line of nutritional supplements.

Blade and Bloom sells a large line of 199% natural skin health and beauty products.

Cosmetix Club has been selling wholesale brand name cosmetics for over 12 years. They are a wholesale supplier who is always seeking new customers

Worker B offers a collection of personal care products that emphasize the benefits of raw honey, beeswax and bee propolis.

Amuse Cosmetics – There are some problems selling cosmetics on eBay and Amazon. There are a lot of intellectual property complaints and many of the popular brands are restricted. This is an opportunity for a new brand of cosmetics by Amuse.

Amuse Cosmetics

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DS Secret sells a very clever line of hair care products for women. I have not seen their products on eBay or Amazon. I think their Hot Brush could be a big seller.

Perfume Provider of America is located in Orlando, but they distribute brand name perfumes and cosmetics nationwide. Click on the About Me Page to contact them for wholesale information.

The Maui Soap Co. sells a line of Hawaiian body care products that are crafted with nourishing tropical oils and true Hawaiian aromas. They sell a full line of bath and body care products.

Margaret Elena’s Cottage Greenhouse sells a wide range of bath and beauty lotions and scrubs.

Florapathics is an all-natural aromatherapy brand that offers over ninety 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, and a line of handmade soy aromatherapy candles, body care, and facial care lines.

Acne Mop is an all-natural product infused with Tea tree oil, white tea, clove, Aloe Vera patented to create an anti-bacterial layer between your skin and sports equipment to keep your skin cool and clean.

Jane Berenard Aromatics has scented gifts and related items. We’re talking essential oils, home aroma sprays, incense holders, massage oils and more.

Vd Importers Inc. are Wholesalers & Distributors of Incense sticks, Fragrance oils, Candles, Aroma lamps, Incense burners & Plastic Housewares. They carry Nag Champa Incense, Hem Incense, Divine Aroma oils and lots of Exclusive Burners.More than 200 fragrances in stock.

L&V Creations is a wholesaler of aroma lamps, Electric fragrance lamps, fragrance oils, plug-ins, incense, and aromatherapy gifts.

Traditional Tibetan Healing is a source for effective, natural remedies.

Creative Looks sells Wholesale Beauty Supplies, Fashion Accessories, General Merchandise and Cosmetics.

Thunder Ridge sells High profit health and beauty products. Emu Oil has been used for thousands of years for its moisturizing anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Louvelle Showerwear sells a line of turban style shower caps, that have been featured in New York Magazine, Elle and Vogue. They are packaged in a beautiful box perfect for gifting.

Seven Flowers of Luxury sells a line of skincare products that are all made from fair trade organic ingredients. Their balms and lipsticks are made in small batches to preserve freshness.

Cala Products sells a complete line of beauty products.

Ocean Laguna creates ocean inspired bath and body products made with a blend of essential and fragrance oils.

Kiss Me in The Garden has a nice line of women’s beauty and personal care products and they have plenty of items for men too. They will also private label many of their products.

Ultra Balm is a line of skincare products that sell very well and they will send you a free sample.

Napa Soap Company crafts their soaps by hand, in small batches, blending natural ingredients to soothe every skin type and mood.

Haven Scent Handcrafted Soap & Bath has been creating products since 2002. Their line includes 2oz and 4oz soaps, loofahs, massage/body oils, sachets, lavender lotion bar, honey lip balm and room sprays.

The Australian Natural Soap company sells Australian made French-milled soaps. Variety of fragrances, natural plant oils, creamy lather and a long lasting bar.

RA Cosmetics has been providing skin and hair care products for 10 years now. They carry a wide range of products.

Carolyn K is a British Beauty brand based in London and LA. A one stop shop for all beauty accessories, cosmetics and nail paints.

CottonAge has a Great Selection of Bathrobes, Towels, Bags, Duffel Bags, Cooler Bags, Tote Bags, Apparel, Shirts, Slippers, Head Wear, Pool Towels, Body Wrap and more at wholesale prices.

Absorb Health sells a wide range of health products including essential oils and supplements.

Just Nutritive sells a line of hair and skin care products that are all natural and cruelty free – no animal ingredients and no animal testing.

Kett Cosmetics is high performance cosmetic line designed to solve the problem of modern technology’s ability to expose makeup like never before. Their makeup is designed for high endurance, created in the lab and tested in the studio in front of the high definition cameras by makeup artists.

Sierra Naturals is a small family run business. All products are handmade in the USA. All of their products are hand mixed with all Natural and Organic ingredients. This line is a great alternative to expensive lines.

Farmhouse Fresh is another line of very nice H&B products – most are all natural

Body Verde is a line of plant based beauty products featuring extracts, essential oils and anti-oxidants.

Dermalactives is a new line of skin care products created by a team of scientist, estheticians and dermatologists. Their revolutionary anti-aging treatment utilizes a proprietary technology that delivers protein rich Collagen and Elastin to all layers of the skin without the use of a needle! No website but for information, questions and wholesale price list, please call to Michal 1-747-202-3220

The Joyful Bath Company sells a line of signature bath salts and handmade botanical soaps that they say blends the healing elements of the land and the sea with bathing rituals and remedies from around the world.

Creative Consumer Products Inc., home of Dionis ™ Goat Milk Skincare since and Guess How Much I Love You™ Natural Care for Little Ones.

Supermarket Distributors of America sells a large line of health and beauty products.

Bullseye Wholesale is a liquidator of health, beauty, some fashion and food items.

Tres Spa is another supplier of natural bath and beauty products.

Bella B Bodycare has one of the broadest selections of organic all natural mom and baby body care products on the market with 26 full size products, trial and travel size products sample packets.

Bonita Cosmetics offers several lines of women’s cosmetic and nail products that do well on eBay and Amazon.

Permabrands is a leading wholesaler of personal grooming and shaving products and carries several leading brands.

Lantern Beauty is a wholesale distributor of Bath & Body lotions, soaps, baby products and hair care products.

ReGo Trading is a Wholesale Distributor of Health and Beauty Aids. Good prices on Household Products and Baby Care and House wares.

Sootheze  Aroma Therapy and luxury spa products. Neck wraps, teddy bear gifts. Sootheze home health, heat therapy and aroma therapy products provide soothing relief.

JD Closeouts specializes in drug store closeouts so you often see great offers on health and beauty products there.  This is not high-end stuff, but in this economy where people are looking for bargains these may be the products to sell.

Balm Chicky has launched a line of all natural 70’s-inspired lip balms. They have five different products and scents. They are the patent holder for an innovative tube called The Friend End designed to let balm users share balm without sharing germs.

Northridge Gardens sells a very nice line of beauty and personal care products.  Remember that is one of the categories that Amazon is looking for more sellers.

The Good Home Co Sells a very nice line of scented hand soaps. Liquid hand soap is a popular product on Amazon in the beauty category.

Lux Aromatica sells Soy candles, soaps, aromatherapy perfumes and other fragrant delights. Ingredients include natural waxes, botanical carrier oils and butters, essential oils and vegetable-based preservative for the skin-care products.

WBM International is the home of Himalayan Salt Products. They have over 25 products made from Himalayan salt including salt lamps, salt candle holders, Cooking salt, salt shaver, salt cooking plates, salt serving plates, salt chunks, fine salt, coarse salt, bath salt, foot soaking salt, foot detox blocks, massage stones, animal salt lick, sole salt drinking therapy and a lot more. They also carry other health and beauty products.

Zidle sells botanically based skin care, body care and fragrances. NOTE: The website is retail. Use the contact form to get wholesale information. These type of spa products are very hot on Amazon and being sold by Amazon, so you will want to compete by creating bundles.

When I was at the ASD show in Las Vegas I met one fellow with a nice line of beauty products including Clinique and Lancôme.  He doesn’t have a website but you can email him for information at [email protected] – Attention Nick.

Health and Beauty Care Distributors wholesales a large line of beauty and personal care products including many well-known name brands.

Seya Beauty sells a very nice line of makeup cases for beauticians, makeup artists and others.

Hi Dow is one of the many companies selling the popular electronic massage units TENS. But of all the products I saw at the show I really liked their best for their good looks, versatility and ease of operation. When you visit the website click on the link that says Become a Distributor or just use the contact form and ask them for wholesale information.

Delon Laboratories is a Canadian company out of Montreal that sells a complete line of health and beauty products. That is one of the categories that Amazon is looking for products in.

Heavenly Body Products sells wholesale skin care products, body oil, incense, and air fresheners. They also sell Barack Obama merchandise and apparel.

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics specializes in a mineral cosmetics line. One of their leading products is a unique mineral eye shadow that has seven different uses including: Eye Shadow, Lip Gloss, Mascara, Nail Polish, Eye Liner, Blush & Bronzer.

Inance Skincare sells a broad line of cosmetic and spa products. Some of it is pretty avant-garde, but they have some pretty normal stuff as well.

Dead Sea Spa Care sells a line of spa and cosmetic products made from water from the Dead Sea. Compared to the 3% salt content of ordinary seawater, researchers claim that the Dead Sea water contains 32% salts with relatively high concentration of 21 minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium. Europeans travel to the Dead Sea in large numbers to bathe in the local spas and to buy these products.

A single toothbrush can harbor millions of microorganisms, which translate into harmful bacteria — bacteria that thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom. VIO-light stops these microorganisms dead in their track. This is also a public site –use the contact form for wholesale information.

Advanced Detox Solutions is the manufacturer of a body detox product delivered to over 1,000,000 customers. Us the Contact Us link to request wholesale reseller information.

Complete Medical Supplies, Inc. is a wholesale dropshipper of medical supplies. Everything they sell is non-prescription. One of their hot products is the Up-Lift Power Seat to help elderly people rise out of a chair or sofa.

BeeSales sells ladies fashion items and a very nice line of electrical beauty products such as flatirons, curlers and related items.

The Fashion Diva Palace specializes in cosmetics/skin care products wholesale! Brand name products include MAC, Estee Lauder, MD skincare, Lancome, Clinique, Strivectin, Clarins, Urban Decay, Freeze 24-7, Bobbi Brown and more.

Air-Val International is a Spanish company based in Barcelona. They sell a line of licensed children’s perfumes and cosmetics. Some of the brands include Barbie, Phineus and Ferb, most of the Disney characters, Hana Montana and Dora the Explorer. Not too much info on the website, but contact them and they will send you plenty of information.

Magic Masseuse is an FDA Approved bioelectric stimulator (TENS unit) used to stimulate and massage your muscles. Your muscles respond to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically. The Magic Masseuse is the consumer version of the same units used by chiropractors and massage therapists. The device allows you to set both strength and type of massage – Tap, Stroke, Knead, Parego, Massage, Acupuncture and Cupping.

The prices on the website are retail. Click on the link that says Wholesale information and contact them for wholesale pricing.

Adwin USA is a company that sells a nice line of spa and skincare products. This product category is very hot on both eBay and Amazon

Sunflower Hill makes personal care products for adults, children and babies. Check out their novelty kids soap including the latest Zoo Zoap, clear soap with zoo animals embedded and Ahoy Mates! which are clear soaps with colorful pirates embedded.

KCP Wholesale Distributors distribute high end and drugstore cosmetics, skincare and eyewear – some names include Mac, Bare Escentuals, Bliss, Lancome, Loreal, Revlon, Victorias Secret, Clarins, Bath & Body Works, Burt’s Bees, Anna Sui, Elizabeth Arden, Bobbi Brown and more.

Mojo Future Tech will help you get your mojo working with their line of high-performance holographic wristbands.  I was pretty skeptical, then they did a balance test which I failed. Then I put on a wrist band and we repeated the test which I passed this time.  Nevertheless it’s a bit “new agey” for an old dog like me, but they claim the Mojo wrist bands will let you have more energy, lose weight, relieve pain, and get a good nights sleep?

There were a lot of perfume companies at the show, but most of them were selling cheap drugstore brand or knockoff perfumes. But then I found R.A. Fragrances & Perfumes, Inc. They had a large booth and some of the most popular brand names available. Perfumes are a great item to sell online because the markup is so high you have no trouble making margins. The website is retail, so you have to email them at [email protected] and ask for wholesale information.

There was one other perfume company that looked good and carried most of the top brands.  The company is called Perfume Network, Inc. NO website but email them at [email protected] and ask for a wholesale price list.

Beautique wholesales nail care products including colored and metallic nail tips.

Perfume Miami is a distributor of World Famous Designer Name Perfumes, Colognes, and Body, Skin & Hair Care Products. Real wholesale Prices. They ship all over the world. New line in stock: “Biosilk”.

Aura Perfumes Of Paris is a perfume and fragrance wholesaler who will drop ship name brand perfumes.

Treasured Body takes care of your wholesale bath and body care needs. They produce moisturizing body butters and lotions in exotic spa fragrances and offer a Brown Sugar scrub as well as a specialty line of decadent chocolate scents. They have products for men as well as little girls. Treasured Body also offers a Drop Shipping service.

Sunrose Aromatics sells high quality essential oils — Carrier oils, Shea butter, aromatherapy products, body creams, infused oils, natural soaps, and perfumes. Tell them you will agree to sell at their MAP.

Go-Natural ® The All-In-One Cosmetic ® AS SEEN ON TV. You can watch their 1 minute commercial! One shade for all, and 8 cosmetics – ALL-IN-ONE!  No technique – just brush on and go.  It’s that easy. High end, salon quality  – “MAGIC POWDER”. Email: [email protected] Tel: 702-449 2097. You have to call or email them for the wholesale pricing information.

IcyBag is a very unique chilled cosmetic & accessory bag. This unique bag stores & protects heat-sensitive items including cosmetics, lotions, sun block, lip balm, medications, etc. Great for vacations, the beach, tennis, golf, etc. Boutique quality. Fully insulated and custom ice pack included!

The BodyBudy is a hot bath and spa product. Click on the link that says Press Coverage to open a PDF that gives the pricing.

McMarble sells pheromone oils and other products designed to attract the opposite sex, for those customers who are hopelessly inept. (Yes this stuff sells on eBay).

Perfumes are hot sellers on eBay –especially during the holiday season and right up through Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Fragrance X is a great source. The prices you will see on the site are retail. You have to click on the link to “wholesale info” in the upper right corner of the web site and register to see the wholesale prices.