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Security and Safety Products

Last updated: October 18, 2018, 5:47 pm

Below is a complete list of all our wholesale resources pages

Secret Safes make a high quality magnetic personal property protection box that safely conceals personal items and valuables on any metal surface.

Streetwise Security Products is a large manufacturer & wholesaler of stun guns, pepper spray, alarms and spy cameras. They will ship direct or dropship.

Hollon Safe is a safe manufacture with a dropship program for depository safes, gun safes, home safes, and commercial safes.

UST manufactures survival equipment. Their products include LED lights and patented all-weather fire starters.

Planet Security has been providing wholesale audio and video surveillance solutions for more than 10 years.

Wise Food Supply sells a complete line of wholesale survival food for long term storage as well as other survival products. Contact them through the website for wholesale information.

The SZCO Company is a large wholesaler of knives, swords, self-defense products and medieval collectibles.

Guardian Survival Gear is a wholesale emergency preparedness company, which offers drop shipping for their high quality emergency survival kits. I mentioned them recently but this category is hot so I though I would mention them again –and they are happy to drop ship for eBay and Amazon sellers.

J & L Self Defense Products is a wholesale source for personal protection and safety products, police supplies, pepper spray, stun guns, and more.

Mayday Industries sells a complete line of safety and survival equipment for earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and terrorism -and probably zombies too. Anyway this stuff really sells well on eBay and Amazon. Use the contact form and ask them to send you a Wholesale CD. It comes with all the products and wholesale pricing.

Tornado Personal Defense Systems sells probably the most clever line of pepper spray that I saw at the show. They have developed a really neat system of belt, keychain and armband clips and the product is incredibly high quality compared to other products I saw at the show. Their minimum order is just $300. The website is Retail but you can email them at info@tornadodefencesystem.com for wholesale information. Be sure and mention the ASD/AMD tradeshow or my newsletter as they have some show specials that are still available for a few more weeks.

EZwholesaler offers over 4000 products at true wholesale prices. They are distributors of As Seen on TV, Security and Defense, Gift Baskets, General Merchandise and more.

Self Defense Supply is the largest wholesale supplier of personal security, self defense and surveillance equipment in the USA.  They are aggressively seeking dealers and are happy to work with online sellers. They carry all of the top quality brand names in the field.

Safety Technology is a wholesale source and dropshipper for personal safety devices such as pepper spray and stun guns. You can find better pricing on these items elsewhere, but these are typical dropship prices and there are some people making money with them.

Mailbox Theft has become a real problem in the US as identity thieves are stealing mail as a way to steal your identity. Gains Manufacturing makes a very nice line of steel locking mailboxes. They also sell a very nice line of house number signs.

Cutting Edge Products sells alarms and stun guns and a wide variety of other unusual products related to safety and security.

DMA Incorporated. Their web site is a little unreliable, so if it's not working just call for catalog 1-800-3-DRAGON.

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