Sunglasses are year round big sellers. Here is a list of sunglass wholesale distributors:

Shades on Point Sunglass Co. offers Eco-friendly sunglasses with a polarized lens. And they plant a tree for every pair sold!

SunStaches are novelty mask type sunglasses that were featured on Shark Tank and have enjoyed widespread success. This is their Wholesale-only website.

Iris Sunglasses has a very nice line of stylish sunglasses and most of their designs can be private labeled.

Winks Eyewear sells a line of upscale reading glasses and European style sunglasses.

Apollo Eyewear sells several popular lines of fashion sunglasses including Carrera, Nine West, Foster Grant and Gargoyles.

Rheos Gear makes and sells Interchangeable sunglasses designed for the outdoor enthusiast.

Asia Pacific Trading is a large manufacturer and wholesaler of fashion and dress sunglasses at really good prices.

CTS Wholesale is mostly known for their sunglasses, but they also sell other nice line, including some hot lighter products.

NYS Collection Eyewear – Forget all of the designer knockoff sunglasses. The NYS collection is a collection of unique, high quality fashion sunglasses. You can’t access the website without registering, but it is easy. Use the contact link or call them at 800-430-4211 to set up an account and get access to the pricing and online catalog.

YTM Gifts sells a wide range of gifts and accessories including the famous Clic line of reading glasses and sunglasses.

Vanguard Sunglasses, Inc. is one of the largest distributors in the US, but doesn’t have a web site. You can get a catalog and price list by faxing them at 1-412-471-0294 or call them at 1-800-433-1325. They sell high quality copies of famous designer sunglasses.

Elite Images carries over 500 designer sunglass styles in stock at all times.

Famous designer knock-offs are available from:

Be sure to clearly label them as knock-offs – don’t pretend they are the real thing. That is OK because buyers know the difference and are willing to pay the lower prices for famous name knockoffs.